Hi, welcome to another of our case study discussions.

Today is the 2nd of our 2 case studies looking at how the adoption of a business intelligence and analytics tool can help hotels make more accurate data informed decisions, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Joining us for this conversation is:

🔹 Apo Demirtas, Founder & CEO of HotelIQ
🔹 Gul Turkmenoglu, Senior Director of Operations at Sonesta Hotels & Resorts

We hear how Gul identified a lot of decisions were being made on, what in reality, was limited information, and how adopting a business intelligence tool was such a massive game changer for her team and property.

She also explains how the ability to not only look at data from a group head office perspective, but to drill down to a property level, has been invaluable for strategic decision making.

Finally we touch on the ease of use and how HotelIQ has become an integral tool used on a daily basis.

NB: HotelIQ are one of our Expert Partners

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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01:13 Guest introduction
02:15 Why is business intelligence so valuable to hotels
07:01 Previous pain points that may resonate with other hoteliers
10:45 How operating in silos only presents a narrow set of data and perspective
16:07 How adopting this technology directly helped with a previous hotel
20:21 How do you make the case to invest in this technology
24:28 Pulling this data together isn’t daunting, it is so easy to use
29:35 How has this technology enhanced collaboration and communication
36:47 How easy was the implementation process and onboarding
41:41 Further videos and subscriber link