A Sales Culture Remains Fundamental To The Revenue Management Process

We can continue to build strong revenue teams and a sales culture focused on taking care of our guests in order to further drive revenues and profitability

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What Can Hoteliers Do To Inspire Leisure Travel Over Next Few Months?

It may have been normal to map out business strategies on an annual basis, but the pandemic is changing the travel dynamic too much for it to stay relevant

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How to Build a Truly Revenue Focused Approach

The partnership between sales and revenue has become crucial over the course of the pandemic. Cross-training was key to our industry’s survival.

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get into more video thumbnail about meetings and events business to sell or not to sell

To Sell or Not Sell? Now That Is A Question!

We are posing the question to sell or not to sell, after the last 18 months why are we even asking that question, surely we just take the business?

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How To Sell Your Hotel Smarter This Black Friday

Black Friday is now in many luxury hospitality venues annual gifting calendar – historically, it’s the busiest gift voucher sales date of the year across our 300+ luxury client base, […]

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How to Design Creative Upsell Deals for Your Hotel Customers

By getting creative with upsell ideas, you expand your revenue generation abilities and boost your profits. A stronger bottom line means a healthier hotel

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topline video image rm and dos butt heads around hotel group business

Hotel Group Business: Where the RM and DoS Butt Heads Unnecessarily

In this discussion we look at one simple area where a hotel property DoS and a Revenue Manager can butt heads where it really isn’t necessary

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heart made up of data showing the importance of clean data

Data is Like Gold For Hotel Marketers But Only If It’s Clean Data

Clean data is pivotal in driving higher engagement and revenue by allowing you to create personalized communications that speak directly to each hotel guest

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How to Set Hotel Sales Team Goals and KPIs in Time of Unpredictable Demand

Set goals too high and they will soon become unattainable; set them too low and the sales bonus will once again be an entitlement program

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mirai article image detect hotel direct sales opportunities

How to Improve Your Hotel Distribution, Direct Sales and Your Results.

The digital advance and the growth of online sales generate a lot of important data that can suggest sales opportunities your hotel may not have considered

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