Which Part Of The Sales Funnel Matters Most for Hospitality?

Nothing happens until somebody sells something. If you’re in business, then everyone’s job supports a cascading series of events that begin with a sale

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wooden floor with word upsell spelt out like a hotel upselling offers

New Rooms Upselling: Increasing Revenues in a Simple Way

After long preparation time, we launch one of this year’s main improvements of our booking engine: upselling of rooms (or apartments, if that is your case)

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As Group and Event Demand Returns Let’s Not Slip Back to “Order-Taking”

Although group and event leads are higher than it was a year ago, demand is still not where it once was, so this is a good time to build new sales habits

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different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like different upselling options for a hotel

The Many Advantages of Upselling (Revenue, Loyalty, Satisfaction)

What you really need are ways to increase your revenue or cut your costs: upselling is a rare gems that provides just that

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Hotel Commercial Strategy: Why Independent Hotels Can Blaze the Trail

A few properties have begun to trailblaze this new commercial strategy path and it will likely become a common structure for independent hotels and resorts

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Hotel Room Sales Strategies: To increase Occupancy and Revenue

Trying out new ideas can sometimes lead to unbelievable results. Here are 7 room sales strategies to increase your hotel’s room occupancy and revenue

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The Power of Automation in Hotel Upselling

Using automated upselling can make the selling process smoother. Automation can help you give guests a good experience while boosting conversion rates

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Why It’s Time to Rethink The Comp Set

Stepping outside your comp set comfort zone allows you to understand where your customers might be booking but also what your market’s customers are booking

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stones balanced together reflecting how revenue optimization is only achieved by working together and breaking down silos

Lean Revenue Management: Sophisticated Shouldn’t Mean Complicated

Often the uncoordinated and misaligned activities of sales, marketing, revenue management and general management resulted in missed opportunities

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Connecting With Your Guest Must Be a Long Game for Every Hotel

Marketing budgets have been cut due to the crisis, but that mustn’t hinder hotels from exploring cost-effective or free strategies of reaching their guests

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