YouTube video thumbnail of conversation SSP Partner Marc Fleischer about hotel sustainability and how hard ti is to implement

We Talk About Hotel Sustainability But Real Change Is Not Easy

Marc is perfectly placed to talk about the focus on sustainability, it’s impact on hotel engineering teams and their value to implementing effective practices

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Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study discussion thumbnail image

Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study

Hi, welcome to another case study discussion. Today we focus on the challenges and rewards of a decision intelligence tool and it’svalue to a hotel commercial operation. To bring their […]

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Guest Personalization: What It Is and What It Isn’t

This is not to say that tech and AI are bad, but a reminder that at the end of the day, it’s your people that truly deliver guest personalization

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YouTube thumbnail image for discussion with Strategic Solution Partners about their Talent Trends Study and the potential future hotel workforce crisis

Talent Trends Study: A Future Hotel Workforce Crisis?

We touch on a number of topics from the study, looking at foreboding trends, challenges for education institutions and how the industry must adapt

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Boosting Customer Service Scores: Strategies for Hotel Operators

Improving customer service scores is critical for any hotel aiming to enhance guest satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge

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image of an empty chair in a run down building reflecting the impact to hotels of open executive positions and loss of momentum and revenue

Cost to Hotels of Open Executive Positions and Loss of Momentum

Today we look at Hotel staffing and the impact an executive opening can have on a property – momentum is a key word here

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Four Strategies for Hotels to Survive Among New Entrants

In an ever-evolving tourism marketplace, it’s increasingly apparent that established and older hotels should take proactive measures to stay competitive

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In Era of Expensive Debt Poor Management Drives Hotel Distress

There are economic headwinds and there are issues with capital stack structures, but a great hotel is run by a great general manager

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A New Approach to Hotel Management Fees

While both hotel operators and owners stand to gain from adopting the management fee structure proposed, hurdles are anticipated

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Empower Hotel CEOs: Remove the Profitability Roadblocks

Hotel CEOs must understand their property’s fiscal year outlook to navigate decisively. This means addressing critical questions like:

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