The Hotel General Manager Top Priority List For 2023

The General Manager who puts more effort into the commercial work in the hotel will likely steal market share from the competition

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4 Big Reasons Hotel Guests Never Come Back

If you have any of these problems, you will hear about it and so will potential guests. 46% of Americans voice their issues online after they check out

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Seven Ways For Hotels To Prevent High Energy Costs

We’ll look at some of the best ways to prevent high power costs in a hotel and look at more in detail how the energy cost crisis is affecting hoteliers

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SSP - Hotel Consultants Not Always the Seagull at the Picnic YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Consultants: Not Always the Seagull at the Picnic

Today we look at hotel consultancy and ask are they really the seagull at a picnic, i.e. they swoop in, make a mess and then leave … maybe a bit unfair!?

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hotel digitalisation laptop mobile and revenue graphs

What Hotel Digitalisation Means And How It Boosts Profits

There are a number of ways that digitalisation can help you create a more efficient business model for your hotel and boost your profits

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Mind the Gap: How to Improve Your Hotel Service Delivery

Hotel Management needs to look at what would leave guests so satisfied or delighted over the long term that they become repeat visitors

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High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotel Industry Adapt Interview YouTube Thumbnail - SSP

High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotels Adapt

With the dichotomy of higher prices, increasing costs and the continuing staffing challenge we ask how might the hotel industry adapt over the coming years

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Hotel Gig Economy Study 2022 Strategic Solution Partners SSP Video YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Gig Economy Study 2022: Strategic Solution Partners

We catch up with Bill and Jacqueline a couple of weeks before they release their latest study into the gig economy and it’s relevance for the hotel sector

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Five Ways to Let Guests Know They Can Message Your Hotel

Define who will respond and when, and set up procedures to deal with issues, there is just one thing left: letting guests know you are open for business!

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What Is Truly Leaving Your Hotel Guests Dissatisfied?

In most hotels, guest dissatisfaction has little to do with the services themselves. Guests are more often unhappy about delays in providing these services

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