Elevate Your Hotel Performance with Revenue Management Analytics

We explore hotel revenue management analytics, and how it empowers hoteliers to make decisions that drive profitability and guest satisfaction

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Page Load Time in GA4: Do Users Even See Your Hotel Website?

The correlation between a user opening a website and viewing its content seems straightforward, yet discrepancies frequently occur

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GA4 for Hotels: Why Micro Conversions Matter

Understanding and tracking micro conversions in your hotel website can provide actionable insights and GA4 can help significantly

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Decision Intelligence Pt2: Sonesta Hotels and Resorts HotelIQ Case Study article image and YouTube video thumbnail

Decision Intelligence Pt2: Sonesta Hotels & Resorts HotelIQ Case Study

Gul outlines challenges she faced and how adopting a business intelligence tool was such a massive game changer for her team and property

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Decision Intelligence: Turtle Bay Resort HotelIQ Case Study article image and YouTube video thumbnail

Decision Intelligence: Turtle Bay Resort HotelIQ Case Study

We look at how a business intelligence and analytics tool can help hotels make data informed decisions, leading to increased revenue and profitability

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man looking in despair reflecting on business intelligence solutions and what is wrong with some of the technology today

What’s Wrong With Business Intelligence Solutions Today?

Most business intelligence solutions don’t give actionable insights that show users where they can make changes to influence revenue or efficiencies

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two puzzle pieces coming together reflecting new innovative revenue optimization products launched by LodgIQ

The Missing Link Between Data Analytics and Dynamic Pricing

Using real-time data analysis and dynamic pricing strategies, hotels can tailor their offers to guest preferences increasing conversions and direct booking

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Escape KPI Paralysis: Streamline Your Hotel’s Performance Metrics

Three essential aspects should be considered in-depth when deciding on the crucial KPI metrics for a specific hotel

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image showing universal analytics and google analytics 4 as part of a cogwheel marketing article comparing the two

10 Differences Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

Following is a high-level list of the many differences you can expect when your Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 migration is complete

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Recession Proof Your Hotel Marketing

You can’t really “recession-proof” your marketing, but you can set yourself up for success by being smarter than the competition

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