Set Up These Custom Alerts In Google Analytics

Google uses its AI to point out anomalies to their users. Using these, with the custom alerts you set up to monitor the metrics, are a recipe for success

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Get Your Hotel Ready for Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 comes into play and this is definitely big news for all of us, because the way GA tracks and treats data is different

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who are we intelligent hospitality hoteliq apo demirtas

Intelligent Hospitality (HotelIQ) “Who Are We?” – In Conversation with Apo Demirtas

We are joined by Apo Demirtas, Founder and CEO of Intelligent Hospitality who talks about his background and how Intelligent Hospitality and HotelIQ came to be.

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two people reviewing hotel performance kpis

The Most Important KPIs for Hotels in 2021

When we look at isolated metrics and KPIs, we are only looking at one piece of a puzzle. The concept of leading and lagging indicators can help

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CompSet Analysis and its Role: Hotel Management Practices

Sizing up the competition plays a major part in your hotel’s marketing strategy. Your competitors have just as much sway in shaping guest demand and expectations as you do, and […]

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telescope by the seafront increasing market visibility

Easy Wins You Gain with Hotel Market Intelligence

The next step is graduating to more in-depth market analysis to help recognize demand drivers and monitor macro markets in your area

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Airline data: What next beyond crisis response?

Airlines are using a wealth of new data sources. Strategy should replace adrenaline as the fuel for decisions around data adoption and usage

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shutters closed like booking closing down rateintelligence

Hotels Are You Ready? Only 2 Weeks Until Booking Shuts RateIntelligence

With just two weeks to go until Booking shuts down RateIntelligence forever, hoteliers are in need of a reliable alternative

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video thumbnail for why so little testing in revenue management whitepaper interview

Why So Little Testing of Revenue Management Strategies in Hotels?

In today’s video we discuss with our 3 guests why there is so little testing of revenue management strategies in the hospitality industry

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6 Ways Hotel Benchmarking Can Help the Hotel Industry Rebound

Benchmarking could give hotels the tools to dig out of current financial holes. But, it will take a holistic plan and complete hotel metrics

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