Revenue Managers are Superheroes

The primary role of every revenue manager is to perform analyses, provide recommendations, develop strategies, or respond to ad-hoc requests

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How Revenue Analytics Transforms Hotel Performance

Revenue analytics empowers hotels to transform raw data into actionable insights that drive revenue growth and operational efficiency

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google universal analytics on a laptop

How to Export Historical Data from Google’s Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics properties rely on cookies and independent sessions, which are becoming obsolete in today’s privacy-focused environment

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Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study discussion thumbnail image

Decision Intelligence: Rocco Forte Hotels & HotelIQ Case Study

Hi, welcome to another case study discussion. Today we focus on the challenges and rewards of a decision intelligence tool and it’svalue to a hotel commercial operation. To bring their […]

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Role of Hotel Leadership in Leveraging Data Analytics for Upselling

In order to monitor upselling performance, senior leaders need to determine which key metrics are most important

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What the Universal Analytics Sunset Means for Hoteliers?

July 1, 2024 is a critical deadline for hoteliers, as all historical data stored within Universal Analytics will be permanently deleted.

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What are 5 Must Have Features to Look for in a PMS?

Your PMS should improve guest experiences and provide a solid foundation for long-lasting relationships, leading to increased revenue and profitability

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Resurgence of PMS: Reclaiming Central Role in Hotel Technology

A modern PMS is not just a system for managing rooms and rates; it’s the nerve center of a hotel’s technological infrastructure

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How to Leverage PMS Data for Revenue Management Success

The first secret to unlocking the full potential of your PMS data is to identify your business drivers. Business drivers are the key factors that impact your hotel’s revenue and […]

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silos grain towers like hotel data in legacy systems

When You Gatekeep Data, Everyone Loses

By freeing up access to data across your hotel, you empower real data-driven decision making across the board and have a clear competitive advantage

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