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man looking in despair reflecting on business intelligence solutions and what is wrong with some of the technology today

What’s Wrong With Business Intelligence Solutions Today?

Most business intelligence solutions don’t give actionable insights that show users where they can make changes to influence revenue or efficiencies

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Don't Be Afraid! Dive In and Embrace Data to Drive Hotel Revenue HotelIQ Video Youtube Thumbnail

Don’t Be Afraid! Dive In and Embrace Data to Drive Revenue

We are talking about siloed, disparate, small data across a hotel tech stack and the value of bringing this data together to make commercial decisions

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Escape KPI Paralysis: Streamline Your Hotel’s Performance Metrics

Three essential aspects should be considered in-depth when deciding on the crucial KPI metrics for a specific hotel

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Hotels Move Beyond RevPAR For Comprehensive Business Intelligence

While RevPAR remains a useful metric, it must be considered alongside others to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a hotel’s financial performance

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