The beloved Valentine’s Day – the time of romance. This global holiday has presented millions of couples with a time to express their romanticism, and day-by-day these forms of expression are constantly evolving.

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During this special time of year, hotel stays and experiences are becoming the perfect gifts among lovebirds and, much like Black Friday, travelers expect to bump into some of the most wonderful and relevant offers of the year. 

With this romantic holiday right around the corner, we’d like to share with you some tips and strategies on how to craft sweet and lovely website messages catered to the romanticism of this intimate time of year. By getting creative on your hotel website, you’ll be able spark the interest of lovers and take advantage of this holiday of passion to grow your direct bookings. Without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

1. Highlight your Valentine’s offers from the moment the visitor lands on the website

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, you’ve no doubt been working tirelessly to come up with new deals and experiences for potential guests. However, when it comes to captivating those potential guests, communicating those offers across your hotel website is an absolute must. By adapting the content to the holiday’s theme, you will be sure to create meaningful and attractive messages that garner their attention during this romantic time. 

Welcome Layer promoting a romantic dinner and music package

In the example above, the property has created a clever welcome Layer to draw attention to the hotel’s romantic and musical dinner for Valentine’s couples. The eye-catching shade of red and quirky, romantic lingo perfectly adapt to the image of the theme. Without going into too much detail on the offer, the Layer’s call-to-action button helps to lead the visitor down the booking funnel. Appearing the moment visitors land on the website, this offer presents an absolutely irresistible opportunity for lovers to express their devotion! 

2Layer revealing Valentine’s Weekend discount

For this romantic holiday, promotional codes or discounts can be a powerful way to boost conversion rates if effectively displayed. In the example above, the hotel showcases a Welcome Layer communicating their 25% discount promotional code with a clear call-to-action for all their website visitors. With such a lovely photo and enticing deal, who could possibly resist? 

Valentine’s day Layer with a clear CTA 

Here, the property has created a special “night for two” getaway. Named “Love for Love,” this offer entices bookings by promising couples an unforgettable stay in the comfort of a romantically-set hotel room. The call-to-action takes the visitor directly to the hotel’s offers page, where they can discover more about this special getaway deal.

2. Nudge users towards a booking with Valentine’s-savvy messages

To promote your Valentine’s Day initiatives, consider showcasing them in a rather subtle manner throughout the website experience. With our Smart Notes, Valentine’s events and packages can be easily highlighted on your hotel website to garner the interest of visitors. 

hotel website messaging

Romantic Note: “Reserve your romantic experience for Valentine’s Day!”

In the example above, the hotel has created an exclusive Valentine’s Smart Note. Though simple, the power of this Smart Notes lies in its Valentine’s-centered focus. Both the content and the icon fit perfectly with the holiday theme, and a link taking visitors directly to the booking engine is included at the bottom. This clever Smart Note is simply too captivating not to click on!

3. Promote your outlets with romantic gift vouchers

On holidays such as Valentine’s Day, it’s a good idea to create enchanting voucher offers catered to the specific time, so be sure to offer your guests something unique by designing something special. 

hotel website voucher layer

“Romantic dinner for two?” voucher Layer

In this example, the hotel has created a special Romantic Dinner voucher inviting guests to enjoy an immersive and romantic 3-course meal experience served with Champagne. Keeping the message concise yet love-themed, the voucher offers an exclusive romantic experience that helps to create interest in making an immediate booking. This voucher will undoubtedly be the surprise gift of many lovers!

4. Create a sense of urgency with limited-time Valentine’s Day offers

Another alluring way to guide users down the booking funnel is by adding countdown clocks to your communications. Countdown clocks create a sense of urgency and encourage guests to make impulse reservations, as they often feel the need to book soon if they don’t want to miss out on your incredible offer. 

Knowing that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that this special offer is only availability for a limited time, your website visitors will feel they have no choice but to at least see what the deal holds – if not immediately accept the offer. 

Countdown Clock highlighting when the Valentine’s offer expires

In this example, the hotel reveals their whole range of Valentine’s experiences – Valentine’s Day gift cards, topped with romantic packages and deals catering for this special holiday. By highlighting the days, hours, minutes and even seconds until the offer expires, the hotel is encouraging more visitors to act now and take advantage of this limited time deal.

5. Grow your romantic marketing database

In the days before Valentine’s, your potential guests are constantly on the lookout for the perfect romantic gift that your hotel has to offer. However, if your exclusive offers are not active yet, be sure to collect their contact information to notify them once they are! 

The best way to do so is with Email Capture. This tool enables you to collect your visitors’ emails addresses directly on your website to efficiently grow your marketing database and keep them constantly updated.

Valentine’s Email Capture Layer

In the example above, this hotel is displaying a personalized Email Capture Layer. The message displayed wholly underlines the pristine service awaiting at the hotel. Targeted towards visitors who are searching for a double room stay during dates around Valentine’s Day, the brand encourages these visitors to submit their email addresses for them to be able to experience a truly special stay.  

By collecting these emails, the property isn’t only able to offer an exceptional guest experience to those guests spending Valentine’s day at the property but are also able to grow their marketing database for future marketing actions. 

With Valentine’s Day of 2021 right at our doorstep, it’s a good idea to start centering your initiatives around this key date. Like the winter Holidays not too long ago, be sure to devise charming ideas for events, packages or extra amenities to hit the sweet spot of your website visitors. Highlighting the perfect romantic environment of your hotel and promoting it effectively across your website through different initiatives will help provide a significant boost to direct bookings in this new year. We hope you find these examples and tips inspiring; we can’t wait to see how you send Cupid’s arrows flying towards your potential guests!

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