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red trainers amongst white trainers showing benefit of personalized messaging to increase website conversion

Hyper Personalized Hotel Website Content for Mobile?

If you’re looking to increase website mobile conversions, focusing on personalization and hyper-targeted messages is key for direct channel growth strategy

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Two pieces of a puzzle with the add sign between them showing it equals a lightbulb drawn with chalk indicating how guest engagement and direct channel are important for hotels

Your Direct Channel and Guest Engagement: How They go Hand in Hand

The findings clearly show the correlation between direct bookings and guest engagement, reinforcing the importance of planning a direct channel strategy

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people watching netflix on tv with popcorn

Netflix – What Can Hoteliers Learn From The Megabrand’s Success?

Seemingly vastly different from each other, there might just be some proven tactics that hotel brands can learn from the Netflix success story

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hoteliers welcoming guests back to hotels

Insightful Pointers from Hoteliers on Best Digital Strategies to Adopt

It isn’t news anymore that hospitality as we know it has been transformed. To help hoteliers navigate we discussed the best digital strategies to adopt

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keyhole in a blackboard with data algorithms written on the board

Leveraging Hotel Data to Shake Off Demand Uncertainty

Equipped with pertinent data to back up the choices you make, you’ll feel more secure knowing that each step you’re taking is grounded and supported

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engaging with potential hotel guests online

Hotel Reopening Strategies to Engage with Guests Online

When promoting long staycations, take advantage of geo-targeting options to personalize offers and messages for domestic guests but exclude local residents

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graphic saying email is not dead

A Steppingstone into Optimizing Email Capture

There are many ways to encourage website visitors to give their email address but as always, you’ll reap the returns of personalizing any campaigns you run

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6 Tactics to Learn From Hotels Open in Sweden During Covid19

6 Tactics to Learn From Hotels Open in Sweden During Covid-19

Contrasting sharply with the rest of Europe and beyond, Sweden has only imposed relatively lenient restrictions, meaning that most hotels and restaurants remain open despite the COVID-19 situation

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Is bleisure still a thing Spoiler alert It definitely still is

Is Bleisure Still a Thing? Spoiler Alert: It Definitely Still Is

Bleisure travelers tend to be greater spenders during their “micro-vacations”. With their company picking up the bill they can spend more on in-hotel expenses than a typical guest might

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50 Tips and Tricks to Turn Website Visitors into Hotel Guests

50 Tips and Tricks to Turn Website Visitors into Hotel Guests

A common thread through these tips is they all move towards an optimized hotel website. Aware that this can be a tricky field, we have prepared a checklist: 50 ideas to boost hotel website conversion

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