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different coloured balls showing variety of hotels and importance of benchmarking

Hotel Benchmarking: Insider Tips to Kickstart Your Journey

It is worthwhile to look beyond the traditional idea of a compset when benchmarking your hotel and consider dynamic compsets

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phuket thailand is popular holiday booking destination with their sandbox campaign

How Phuket Sandbox Campaign is Impacting Hotel Booking Trends

We provide a summary of how this phuket sandbox campaign is impacting hotel booking trends and what factors to take into consideration when reopening

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man in suit walking with a surfboard reflecting new profile of the digital nomads

Digital Nomads at Hotels: Here to Stay or a Passing Trend?

We think the digital nomads trend is not going anywhere anytime soon so catering to these travellers will be a great way to boost reservations at your hotel

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compass showing direction to a hotel to improve direct bookings and how benchmarking can help

A Benchmarking Journey to Grow your Direct Bookings

By going through different metrics, drilling down on the data and interpreting the results you embark on your benchmarking journey to grow direct bookings

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person using metasearch site to research flight and hotel options before booking direct

5 Techniques to Boost Your Direct Booking This Summer

By making your hotel website messages as personalized as possible, you can boost direct booking conversion rates and help ensure the season is maximized

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group of people mapping out a hotel website layout to best optimize it

5 Tips to Step up Your Hotel Website Messaging Design

Having an on-brand design for your website may be the key in connecting with your customers at a time where many uncertainties exist

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Direct Booking Index The Hotels Network Thumbnail Image

The Direct Booking Index (DBI) and Why Hoteliers Should be Using It

Using the Direct Booking Index to track how effective your hotel’s direct channel strategy is will encourage your brand to give more focus to direct channel

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the hotels network benchdirect launch announcement benchmarking direct booking channels

BenchDirect! The First Benchmarking Product for Direct Booking Channels

The launch of BenchDirect is a natural progression providing hotel brands with a totally new and much more powerful benchmarking tool

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dice representing the need to rejuvenate revenue strategy

Gamification: Offering Guests an Interactive and Engaging Experience

Whilst a relatively new concept, gamification could be a powerful tool in raising guest loyalty, boosting website traffic, and increasing engagement

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picture on hotel website of valentine day hotel promotion

Hotel Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Hotel Website

Highlighting the perfect romantic environment of your hotel and promoting it effectively across your website will help provide a boost to direct bookings

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