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Increase Web Conversion of Paid Traffic by 31% in 2 Months (Case Study)

Personalization and the dialogue we establish take on special relevance, and enable us to improve the user experience and increase web conversion

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How To Drive More Direct Bookings Through Digital Marketing

A focus on direct distribution is not new but given evolving changing customer behaviours what now underpins its success?

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Superhero Powers - The Secret to Transforming Your Hotel Website the hotels network article image

Superhero Powers – The Secret to Transforming Your Hotel Website

Hotel websites can easily and quickly undergo a similar transformation that will make the ordinary hotel website absolutely extraordinary

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Revenue Management Needs to Think Like Digital Marketing and Vice Versa userguest revenue hub video thumbnail

Revenue Management Needs to Think Like Digital Marketing and Vice Versa

We ask if revenue strategies often lost on the direct channel and if hotel marketeers consider revenue strategies when planning marketing campaigns

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3 Hotel Website Tips to Get More Direct Bookings in Summer 2022

Hoteliers who visually convey their unique look and feel, personality, and brand via their website, are more likely to appeal to guests emotions

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resort beach getting ready for summer season and need to focus on hotel website conversion

Enter the Summer Season on Your Hotel Website

Website visitors will often leave your website to compare prices on OTAs and other sites as everybody wants the best summer deal and understandably so

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Importance of a Perfect Landing Page for Hotel

It is evident that a landing page for hotel is quite important for emphasizing conversion rate and better audience targeting

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7 ECommerce Tips For Hotels To Increase Conversion

As many hotels have the option of making direct bookings that are booked and paid for on their site, this makes their website an eCommerce platform

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sign post saying same old way or sometghin new reflecting how hotels need to review the way they benchmark their website performance

Hotel Website Performance: Just Look at Your Own or Competitors Too?

Looking at a hotel’s direct channel website performance in isolation can lead to mediocre results and may not give you the best picture of the business

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Attract More Guests With Better Landing Pages

Your landing pages are a seemingly small, yet crucial part of marketing campaigns and how you go about portraying, communicating and selling offers

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