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This is part 2 of 2 episodes looking at the importance of controlling your Hotel pricing and, more importantly, the impacts of not controlling it.

In both episodes we have been joined by Pablo Sanchez from mirai, one of our Expert Partners

In part 1 Pablo outlined how losing control of your price could mean hoteliers missing out on a potential 34% increase in bookings.

In this episode we change tack a little and look at possible medium to long term implications of not addressing your hotel price competitiveness.

The loss of booking increase is an obvious short term potential loss, but looking further out the challenges are more subtle, occurring slowly overtime. In much the same way we see with the current climate crisis, with small temperature changes over the years, these small incremental missed opportunities could have a larger, more dramatic impact.

You can’t put your head in the sand, do the same thing and expect a different outcome – that would be insanity.

I really hope you enjoy this conversation 👍🏻

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01:23 It might take some initial effort but …….
07:00 What are some of the less obvious implications
16:57 What are some practical actions we take to mitigate these
23:12 Wrap up
24:04 Further videos and subscriber link