In today’s podcast we are discussing the implementation of Revenue Management within your F&B Operations.

We are joined by three guests from Real Hotels Group who will talk through their journey and hopefully share some ideas you can utilise if undertaking a similar challenge.

During this discussion we will cover a number of areas, including:

  • the initial challenges faced
  • the importance of focus
  • developing simple ideas to prove the concept
  • establishing small steps to help implementation
  • importance of listening and collaborating to gain buy-in

The three individuals are:

Alexandre Pereira – Director of Revenue Management

Vasco Carvalho Gomes – F&B Revenue Manager

Vassilis Klapanaris – F&B Revenue Manager

Real Hotels Group

In 1994, João Bernardino Gomes founded the Real Hotels Group, and the first unit opened to the public in central Lisbon. Hotel Real Parque has become one of the landmark hotels of the Portuguese capital. Today the Group has 10 units in the regions of Lisbon and the Algarve. Being in love with Portugal and believing in the talent of the Portuguese people, he understood that the hotel industry would be an excellent investment for the future.

With nearly two decades of existence, the Group is ruled by the same principles and values on which it was initially built:

To be proud of whom we are, what and how we build is our greatest reward; we know that our story will always be different from the others. A story we tell with certainty and vehemence of the good Portuguese that we are. One that will always have a sequel as a good story never really ends.

We are concerned with our history; however we are always looking ahead to the future and our constant need to evolve. We follow the market trends, by diversifying, complementing our offer and providing appropriate experiences at every moment of our client’s life.