standard unlocks spontaneous booking via app

Standard International is rolling out a new third-party mobile distribution platform that enables guests to make same-night reservations at a curated group of resorts in Los Angeles and New York, underscoring travelers’ needs for spontaneous booking windows.

The company behind The Standard hotels is introducing its One Night platform, which follows in the footsteps of its One Night Standard mobile application, to consumers this week. Individuals who download the One Night app will receive access to top-rated hotels at low rates for that evening, giving each user an hour-by-hour experience that could rival other booking platforms’ services, such as Hotwire and Expedia.

“Two major trends are occurring as a result of the changing lifestyles of hotel guests: increased mobile booking and shortening booking windows,” said Amar Lalvani, managing partner and CEO of Standard International. “We felt there was a gap emerging between the dynamic lifestyles of our guests and the booking tools available to them.

“Further, most of the platforms display and rank hotels based on price which does not do justice to the experiences delivered. We created One Night as a beautifully designed, experience-driven platform offering same night bookings at a select group of some of our favorite hotels.”

Last-minute stays The One Night booking platform, which is available for iOS and Android devices, offers users same-night reservations at low rates for various hotels in New York and Los Angeles. The app can be downloaded at

One Night pinpoints available resorts while considering each customer’s short booking window, proclivity toward mobile reservations and appreciation for on-demand services.

Beginning each day at 3 PM, travelers who open the app will see listings for nearby hotels with vacancy for that evening.

One Night provides an hour-by-hour experience for each consumer and his or her neighborhood.

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