Hi, welcome to another of our Coffee Time Chats. Today we are joined again by:

🔹Apo Demirtas, Founder & CEO at HotelIQ Decision Cloud, one of our Expert Partners

In this discussion we hear how Apo defines decision intelligence; outlines how data is only valuable when organised, analysed and acted on; why forecasting is not a one snapshot task and why we should be predicting on a daily basis to ensure we don’t have knee-jerk reactions to events out of our control

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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Here is the previous video we recorded with Apo on why he thought the way hotels forecast is wrong

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01:08 Guest welcome and topic
03:43 What is decision intelligence
06:50 Why Data Management and Data Organisation is critical starting point
08:55 Data is worthless without analysis hence the need for Business Intelligence
11:49 Now we’ve analysed, what are we going to do with it?
18:18 To truly have an accurate forecast you need to start from most granular level
20:56 Why should I change the way I’ve always forecasted?
26:06 Without understanding future predictions you’re just reacting to events
31:14 This is not about price optimising – that is a separate function
35:00 Wrapping up
36:30 Subscribe and other videos