What are Google’s Organic Hotel Booking Links?

By eliminating the need for users to visit intermediaries, you have a higher chance of converting potential guests into booking and interact direct

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book now on a mobile phone reflecting the importance of booking apps to independent hotels

Best Hotel Booking Apps for Independent Hotels

Being present on the best and most popular booking apps will help your hotel become a consideration for travellers as they prepare to book their stays

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The Ultimate Guide to Hotel SMS Marketing

Creating impactful SMS campaigns requires a blend of strategic planning, content mastery, and understanding guest preferences.

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Attracting Gen Z Guests to Your Hotel

There’s no two ways about it, Gen Zers are natives of the online world. This means everything from their inspiration to browsing to booking is done online

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hotel guests at a luxury resort which faces different strategic revenue management challenges

Think Your Guests are Too Luxurious for Digital? Think Again

Many luxury hotel GMs believe that ‘digital’ is contrary to the brand image of their premium product in the mind of their affluent guests

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How Automated Hotel Check-In can Benefit Your Front Desk?

There are many benefits of automated hotel check-in like increased guest satisfaction, improved operations, boosted revenue and reduced costs

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Attract High-Value Guests with Expedia Members Only Promotions

You can target high-value guests by using Members Only promotions to offer exclusive deals to over 100 million members across all Expedia Group sites

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images from apple business connect reflecting an alternative to google maps and offering advantages to hotels

What Hotels Should Know About Apple Business Connect

Apple Business Connect uses Place Cards which allows you to control how people see your hotel. We recommend including information like:

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8 Ways Mobile Check-Out Benefits Guests & Hotels

Regardless of what route you go, mobile contactless options are becoming the norm. With many younger travelers expecting to do everything on their phones

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Convert Guests Along Booking Journey With Cross Device Campaign

To maintain high conversion rates, it’s key to give potential guests a reason to choose you over competitors whatever their position in the booking journey

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