In a hotelier’s dream world, every website visitor’s journey would end in a direct booking.

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In reality, we know this isn’t exactly the case (yet!). So, it’s important to make the most of every interaction with users on your direct channel, even the ones that aren’t quite ready to complete their reservation. Collecting contact information to keep an open line of communication with potential guests is key in fostering connections and boosting your future conversion rates and revenue.

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Harnessing website forms to gather visitor data is an invaluable tool for hoteliers looking to craft an optimized direct channel strategy. Forms offer a simple yet effective way to enhance the website user experience, establish connections with target audiences, and broaden communication opportunities with potential guests. The best part? The seamless integration with your CRM, which streamlines processes significantly. Plus, you can customize each field to personalize the messaging and information collected specifically for your target audience. Today, let’s explore the best ways to put this feature to work on your hotel’s website.

Reach your target audience with engaging personalized content

To stand out in the crowded online landscape, hotels must provide a captivating user experience that resonates with their target audience. Tailoring the content of the forms to different customer profiles ensures that each guest feels acknowledged and understood, increasing the chances of conversion. Based on the selected stay dates or properties selected, hoteliers can create targeted forms, only visible to the most relevant viewers. This personalized approach not only captures the attention of potential guests but also entices them to take action. By highlighting your direct booking perks, such as airport transfers at specific destinations, you can ensure that only travelers selecting one of those properties receive the offer, tailoring the extra service to enhance the stay of specific guests at select locations. 

formbuilder-airportForm builder offering airport transfer when a specific destination is selected

Tailor forms to your property’s offering

By capturing this valuable guest data depending on their website user behavior, including stay dates or number of nights stay searched, hotels can seize the opportunity to reach out with personalized messaging, offering exclusive rates and tailored conditions. This strategic approach allows hotels to establish a direct line of communication with these potential guests, enabling them to showcase enticing packages and additional perks, elevating the overall guest experience. For example, if a guest searched for a stay longer than seven nights, a form can be triggered to display prompting the visitor to share information, which allows hotels to then personalize outreach and create a sense of exclusivity and attentiveness. By fostering this stronger connection with their target audience, hoteliers increase the likelihood of direct bookings.

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