We wanted to use this article to highlight current intiatives from 5 of our Expert Partners.

These are offers they are providing to help support the Hotel sector during this crisis.

We have listed the Expert Partners in alphabetical order along with the details of their offering and any relevant links to engage further:

  1. Get Into MoRE
  2. Oaky
  3. Pace
  4. Right Revenue
  5. Russell Partnership Technology

Get Into MoRe

Get Into MoRe, the N°1 Business Intelligence tool for Meetings, Events and Group Business, launches the “Meetings Survival Pack”. The pack is offered to hotels and venues worldwide in order to help overcome the challenges caused by the Covid-19 crisis. The offer includes three of the tool’s most vital dashboards packed with features that are especially designed to make sure hoteliers and conference/event organizers are ready to optimize bounce back.

“We need to stick together as an industry in making sure we get through this. Having great tools in place will be key in enabling your hotel or venue to return fast and stronger than ever. We want to help by offering our most critical features free of charge.” – CEO and Co-founder – Peter Brauer

Hoteliers that sign up will have free access to the following dashboards that are created using their own property’s data:

  • Dashboard: Enables hoteliers to have all relevant KPI’s at their fingertips. This feature was added to the pack as the MoRe-team wants to make sure teams can spend time bringing in business and making strategic analyses rather than being occupied with filling out spreadsheets when they are re-activated.
  • Yearly Overview: Allows users to effortlessly keep track of performance with a crucial part dedicated to, highly anticipated, pick up. The Yearly Overview makes sure you are the first to spot opportunities when demand returns.
  • Demand Calendar (image): Where’s the heat? A MoRe-user never plays the guessing game. This final dashboard was added to the Survival Pack to empower sales- and revenue teams to pro-actively shift demand to make sure future weeks balance out. More than ever you’ll want to accomplish optimal occupancy of function space and hotel rooms.

The offer is commitment-free and valid for the entire year 2020. For more information visit: https://meetings-survivalpack.com or simply get in touch with Niki Van den Broeck, Business Development Manager at Get Into MoRe through niki@getintomore.com.


At Oaky, we offer an award-winning upselling platform which allows hotels to boost the guest experience and ancillary services through targeted, customized pre-arrival upselling. By sending targeted, customised emails to guests pre-arrival, Oaky allows hotels to increase the average spend and create a unique stay experience.

Oaky free for 90 days from go-live-date

  • Oaky for free for 90 days from go-live-date. You decide when you want to go live*
  • No automatic extension to contract
  • We help you with your set-up to make it as easy as possible
  • Condition: Sign up before July 1st 2020

How to apply?

  1. Fill in the form on this page https://www.oaky.com/free-oaky-corona
  2. Oaky will reach out to you to schedule a demo of the product
  3. After the demo, the next steps will be discussed


Have you ever thought about increasing the revenue of your property? And being more efficient when it comes to data analysis?

At Pace, we provide different Revenue Optimisation solutions, including an industry-leading pricing platform and a BI tool. We combine deep science, experts of the industry and take advantage of the technologies available to offer the most complete solution.

Our services are used by 400+ hotels already across 45 countries and most of our clients have demonstrated a revenue increase between 5%-10%.

But what we love the most is seeing how our industry is embracing technology to provide the best experience to the guests!

What are we offering?

We want to help our industry as much as we can. As far as we know, the recuperation period will be slow and progressive in the short term. But in the middle and long term, the pick-up patterns could be much faster than expected. 

That’s why we want to offer 3 months free of our solution to every new client to make sure they are prepared for the recuperation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 


Right Revenue

Here at Right Revenue, we understand that supporting each other through this terrible time and planning for a bright future is critical.

To help hotels prepare for a ‘new normal’ and to ensure that they are in the best shape possible for better days ahead, we have come up with two great offers:

The first is an offer of 3 months’ use of our full Revenue Management Software Solution completely Free Of Charge. If you come on board by the end of May, for an installation date in June (or earlier), we will offer July, August and September completely free!

Our system will not only make rate recommendations each day to ensure you are pricing correctly but will also give you all of your key data, reports, internal and external demand influencers all in one place. With an average double-digit revenue growth and a system designed by Revenue Managers who understand your business, we are confident that our solution will help prepare you both now, and for life on the other side…

The second offer is that we recognise that many hotels and Guest Houses may not have integration to a PMS or may not be ready for a full Revenue Management Solution just now. So we have come up with a suite of reports that you can use daily without the need for a full revenue system:

1 – cost of occupied room calculator – we work out all costs, fixed and variable – and help hotels understand how much a room is costing which in turn helps them understand profitability from one month to another

2 – rate calculator – with a few simple clicks, we can help you understand the impact of selling a rate at eg £100.00 and how much profit you will make if sold at that price or if you increase or decrease.  We also allow all departments to be advised of the rate set-up automatically

3 – group displacement calculator – a really useful tool to help teams understand whether a group request is actually a good piece of business or not to take, and what will add revenue to the bottom line or even displace higher rated business.

These reports will also be added into our full revenue system with an added layer of forecasting and predictive metrics.

We have shown these calculator reports to some of the industries leading professionals and the feedback has been phenomenal. And we are happy to offer all 3 for just £59.00 per month.

If you would like further details on any of the above, please just email ask@rightrevenue.co.uk or call 028 9099 8866

Russell Partnership Technology

It’s not enough to know what you’re supposed to do. To get ahead in the 21st-century hospitality industry, you have to know — and master — what everyone else is supposed to do, too. You have to demonstrate business acumen.

Russell Partnership deliver the Certification in Hospitality Business Acumen in partnership with HSMAI, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International.

The program is an online training and professional certification course in business acumen that is relevant, respected, and recognized by professionals in more than 40 countries. The CHBA Certification encompasses both eLearning and simulation to teach you the skills required to be successful in the hospitality industry.

The CHBA is a professional certification that demonstrates your hospitality business acumen proficiency, upgrades your skills, and helps to garner a better understanding of the hospitality industry and how it operates. It demonstrates to your employer and your professional community that you’re committed to advancing your knowledge, skillset, and expertise. Topic areas within the program include:

  • Targeting Business Priorities — Using financial statements to determine action
  • Managing Business Priorities — Using lodging metrics that matter
  • Leading Business Priorities — Communicating for results
  • Partnering in Owner Priorities — Partnering in ownership goals

The program can now be completed by individuals, so you can complete this certification at your own pace and at a time to suit you.

To demonstrate our support during the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering the individual access version of the CHBA Certification for 50% less than the regular price. The fee during this period will be $347.50, instead of $695.00. This is valid until the end of July 2020.

To register for this program, please sign-up here – https://russellpartnership.link/revenuehub

At Revenue Hub, we would like to thank all of our Expert Partners who support us to bring you thought leadership commentary and we applaud the efforts of these 5 partners as they help support the hospitality sector during these difficult times.