fingers on a keyboard with envelopes flying in air reflecting lead nurture emails that can convert potential guests into bookers

There’s a pivotal moment when you first connect with a potential guest.

NB: This is an article from Revinate

You’ve successfully captured their attention. Your next objective is to cultivate that initial spark. The fact is, nine out of ten visitors that come to your hotel website aren’t ready to book. This is when you can turn to the power of lead nurture emails.

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Lead nurture emails are tailored (but automated!) messages that perform a strategic dance of engagement and connection via customized offerings, exclusive discounts, and timely reminders. They allow you to stay in touch with potential guests, and gently guide them through the sales funnel towards conversion.

Read on to learn how to employ the power of lead nurture email campaigns to transform fleeting guest interest into decisive bookings and enduring loyalty.

Why lead nurture emails are important

Competition is fierce in today’s fast-paced hospitality landscape, and potential guests are inundated with marketing through multiple channels. But 99% of people still check their inboxes daily. A well-planned lead nurture email series is one of the most effective ways to break through all the noise and connect with your audience, converting mere lookers into enthusiastic bookers.

Cart abandonment campaigns are one example of effective lead nurture emails. When potential guests land on your hotel website, 80% of them browse specific offerings and even add items to their cart, only to abandon it midway. With Revinate Marketing, you can automatically send those potential guests strategic messages, such as a limited time offer or a personalized experience, to recapture their attention and inspire them to complete their booking.

There are many more types of lead nurture emails besides cart abandonment campaigns, though. In an industry where every touchpoint matters, lead nurture emails are a critical tool for fostering lasting relationships with your guests.

How to write a lead nurture email

Crafting effective automated lead nurture campaigns involves several key steps that range from perfecting the timing of your emails and creating guest segments, to infusing messages with personal touches, to maintaining the strength and health of your email database.

1. Mark the occasion

First, you need to decide on the content and theme of your nurture email. Are you creating a pre-arrival series? An OTA win-back campaign? A seasonal offer? Or cancelation recovery?

We recommend starting with a nurture series that can be automated. According to research from VentureBeat, 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw their conversions rise.

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club had great success automating their warm and cold lead nurture emails, booking over 400 room nights from these campaigns.

2. Timing is everything

The type of campaign and automation you want to use directly influences the timing. After all, what good is a skillfully designed lead nurture email if it arrives at a time when your prospect is prone to ignore it?

There are two common ways to automate your lead nurture campaigns.

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