How To Segment Your Hotel Mailing Lists

As customers have their inboxes flooded with messages, offers, and advertisements, how do you ensure your emails stand out? The answer is to segment

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email icon of tablet with finger clicking on it reflecting the importance of email subject lines to increase conversion

How to Create Email Subject Lines That Convert

Without a strong subject line, emails don’t get opened. And unopened emails have no chance for conversion. Of course, that’s all easier said than done

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Your Emails Are Failing Your Hotel Guests. Here’s What Needs To Happen

There are three main reasons why hotels may have high unsubscribe rate and it all comes down to one main point: Your emails are not relevant to guest needs 

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How To Write Post-Stay Emails To Drive Loyalty And Advocacy

Building relationships with guests is critical. Maintain communication with your guests and you can build customer loyalty with pre and post stay email

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4 Effective Ways To Use Pre-Arrival Email Marketing

Delivering bespoke, well thought out email messaging throughout the whole booking and stay, will turn a guest into an advocate. And deliver more revenue.

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man staring at a computer screen possibly reading an email before booking a hotel

Email Ideas That Turn Lookers Into Bookers

With recent privacy changes affecting targeted ads, the importance of email marketing is poised to increase even further

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privacy protection is impacting email marketing

How Privacy Protection is Changing Email Marketing

With third-party data and many traditional email metrics gone for good, this first-party data is going to be vital to the success of marketing efforts

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How to Structure a Drip Campaign for Guest Nurturing

Planning, producing, and testing a drip campaign can be a bit tedious on the front end, but done well, they can help turn a casual guest into repeat ones

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Hotel Email Insights: 3 Tests To Run Right Now and 3 Pitfalls To Avoid

If your email is converting well, there is always room for improvement. Here we review three email tests you can run right now as well as some improvements

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How to Get an Effective Hotel Guest Engagement Strategy

If you want to stand out in the mind of your guest and create loyalty, personalising their journey and showing you care about pleasing them is the solution

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