12 Types of Hotel Guest and How To Satisfy Their Expectations

Once you’ve pinpointed the relevant guest personas, your promotional efforts, distribution strategy and revenue management will be clearly focused

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The Value of Structured Guest Data in Enhancing Hotel Operations

Structured guest data is key to enhance marketing strategies, improve operational efficiencies, elevate guest experiences and ultimately increase revenue

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The Strategic Advantage of a Unified Guest Profile in Your PMS

A single guest profile is not just about collecting data; it’s about creating a holistic view of the guest that informs every interaction and decision

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magnet drawing a block out reflecting the need to balance guest loyalty with new customer acquisition

Is Customer Loyalty Overrated? Acquisition May be More Profitable

Nurturing existing guest loyalty is important, but don’t underestimate the power of casting a wide net and reeling in new prospects

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Understanding Guests Reason to Stay will Help Maximize Revenue

There have to be categories that guests fall under. There are huge implications on profitability by not effectively strategizing around segmentation and mix

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Why Hotels Need to Redefine the Guest Journey Starting Point

In rethinking the first step of the guest journey as problem recognition, we uncover a more grounded and comprehensive framework for engaging with guests

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What Luxury Travellers Want, and How to Attract Them

A big benefit of appealing to the luxury market is these most affluent travellers have the wealth to continue to spend despite global economic turmoil

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Hotel Chatbots: Benefits, Myths and How to Pick the Right One

When it comes to conversational chatbots, we’re only at the beginning. As developers refine the language models interactions will keep becoming more human

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smiling guest at check-out reflecting the importance of this last interaction with the guest to reinforce a good experience and improve hotel reputation

Boost Your Hotel Performance with a Guest-Centered Strategy

If you are not yet employing a guest-centric strategy, perhaps now is a good time to start. Here are 8 ways to tailor services to your guest preferences

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person about to tick a box possibly on a hotel satisfaction survey illustrating the importance of these surveys to improve services

Satisfaction Surveys: Best Questions to Ask Your Hotel Guests

Satisfaction surveys not only assess your guests’ overall experience, but play a crucial role in gathering valuable information to improve services

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