5 Mistakes Hoteliers are Making in Respect to Hotel Guest Engagement

Hotel Guest engagement is not just about sending the right message to the right people at the right time. It means adding value to your relationship

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sign saying simplicity which is what mobile guest messaging can provide to a hotel driving efficiencies

Guest Messaging Will Make Hotel Staff More Efficient – Here’s The Proof

Automating only certain guest messaging and tasks cut out unnecessary steps while quickly reassuring guests that we are handling it

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How Personalisation can Increase Your Revenue

Thinking about it, we are increasingly experiencing personalisation everyday from all kinds of brands we interact with – Spotify and Netflix, for example

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Hotel Guest Personas: Attract and Retain the Right Type of Guests

When hotels create guest personas, they can deliver a personalised experience to guests, and in turn, gain trust, loyalty and increase repeat bookings

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Haphazard Efforts at Omnichannel Can Destroy Value – Here’s What To Do

The most successful businesses let their strategic ambition and aspirational customer experience determine what omnichannel strategy to pursue

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Giving Your Content Marketing a Refresh

There’s no better time to revisit your content marketing efforts and ensure you’re getting the best out of your website, blog and social media channels

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person using metasearch site to research flight and hotel options before booking direct

5 Techniques to Boost Your Direct Booking This Summer

By making your hotel website messages as personalized as possible, you can boost direct booking conversion rates and help ensure the season is maximized

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As Guests Become Apped Out Welcoming Words Show Hotel Authenticity

Even for those app-loving, techy individuals who prefer a touch screen to a smile and kind voice, hotels must remember the importance of guests interaction

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hotel employee and guest interacting with modern hotel technology

Three Advantages of Hotel Tech Built by a Hotelier

This goes back to understanding the complexity of a hotel and how everyone from management to the front desk to maintenance will be using this tool

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guesteq who are we interview video thumbnail

GuestEQ “Who Are We?” – In Conversation with Scott Curran

Scott introduces us to GuestEQ, the solution, core differentiators and how frustration with antiquated operational practices led to developing the platform

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