globe indicating importance of international travel bookings to the hotel sector

Having international guests in your hotel and providing them with exceptional service can help you achieve accolades worldwide (with reviews and referrals).

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Ever thought, how can you increase international bookings at your hotel? This blog will give you the perfect solution to this question. In order to increase international bookings, you need to tweak your marketing strategies. Wondering how to do that? It’s simple. Just follow the steps I’ve mentioned below.

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1. Invest in Area-specific Marketing

The first and foremost step in any marketing strategy is to identify your target audience and areas that can fetch you maximum bookings.

Start with shortlisting the regions from where you have a maximum inflow of guests. For instance, a majority of travellers prefer to visit Thailand because it offers visa-on-arrival, making it easy for tourists to make spontaneous vacation plans. 

This in turn helps hoteliers with an increased inflow of guests and last-minute bookings. In fact, a majority of travellers visiting Thailand are from South Asian countries and that’s why the hotels have special deals for guests from that region.

Similarly, you need to invest some time in analysing travellers from which countries can benefit you the most. Once you have a list of potential nations, focus on what needs to be marketed.

Let me explain about it in the next point.

2. Research on Preferences of International Guests

Before you start marketing your property amongst international guests, understand what they are looking for. It could be anything; hygienic environment, nearby attractions, doctor on call, or special food requirements (organic or gluten-free).

Once you understand guests’ preferences, you can start marketing those aspects among the shortlisted regions. Invest in amenities or facilities that are sought by international guests, but are missing from your property.

Trust me this will work wonders for your hotel, and you can promote them as USPs. However, do keep a check on your budget, or else this strategy might backfire.

3. Provide Experiences as Per International Standards

Guest experience is the pedestal of the hospitality industry. Either good or bad, it inflicts a major impact on hotels.

And when it comes to international guests, one bad experience can adversely affect your hotel’s reputation at a global level. 

I would suggest, don’t over promise and underdeliver. Focus on delivering quality services without compromising on TAT. Moreover, this can help you in establishing your property as a brand.

You can use these steps to provide a better guest experience, as per the international standards:

  • Set SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Train your staff
  • Invest in technology
  • Try sustainable practices

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