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Hotel Crisis Recovery: Social Media Marketing

With hotels choosing to cease marketing when their doors closed, social media is a cost-effective way for hotels to re-establish their marketing funnel

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Why Should You be Using Quora and Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups and Quora are your bridges to these conversations and connections, making them imperative for a well-rounded marketing strategy

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Hotel Social Media Strategies during COVID-19

As the travel industry reacts to COVID-19’s impact on tourism and hospitality, hotels’ focus must be on keeping lines of communication open with their guests. NB: This is an article […]

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Creative Social Media and Email Strategies to Stay in Front of Travelers

You’ve launched search and remarketing ads, updated your website, have a creative approach to social media engagement, and have conversion optimization in place to build your email list

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Hotel Recovery Strategy Preparing for a Post Crisis World

Hotel Recovery Strategy: Preparing for a Post Crisis World

Make organisation a priority during this downtime and audit your marketing assets. Salvage what you can from the current situation but push your team to create a robust comeback strategy plan

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A How-To Guide For Targeting the ‘Drive’ Market

In a post-crisis world, many anticipate that the majority of your hotel’s business will com via drive markets. Reaching your drive market with appropriate messaging will be essential

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Social Media During COVID19 Tourism Brands That Got It Right

Social Media During COVID-19: Tourism Brands That Got It Right

Many companies have gone silent on social media. At the same time, there are some tourism brands not only leveraging social media to navigate through this pandemic, but also winning hearts

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Facebook Wedding Ads Continue To Drive Leads During COVID-19

Wedding lead generation campaigns look just like normal Facebook wedding ads, however, rather than sending a user to your hotel’s website, the ad will populate a request for proposal form

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6 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Hotel’s Recovery

You’ve likely been hit with a ton of new questions on your social media channels. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to audit posts for questions you can confidently answer

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Hotel Supply and Demand will be Flipped: Are You Prepared to Capitalize?

After months of stagnancy, many hotels simply won’t be in a position to scale up their operations quickly enough. Will your hotel be ready when this crisis subsides

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