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person holding a drawing of a sad face reflecting the results from their outdated hotel social media strategy

Why Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy is Outdated (And How to Fix It)

Let’s explore why your hotel’s social media approach might need a serious update, and more crucially, how to modernize it for today’s digital landscape

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person holding a mobile phone with tiktok logo in a hotel lobby reflecting importance in driving direct revenue

9 Best TikTok Practices for Hotels & Examples to Get You Started

Getting started on an unfamiliar platform, like TikTok, can be intimidating for hotel brands, but here are a few tips to help get you started

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If an Image is Worth a 1000 Words, How Much is a Video Worth?

The power of video content in marketing is undeniable, with studies showing visuals are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other content

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Content Creation: Best Practices for Different Hotel Segments

Understanding your niche gives you a direction on what kind of content you should be posting. Be proud of who and what your property represents

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Social Media Strategy: Creating the Right Plan for Your Hotel

While being on social media is free, putting money behind your initiatives can grow your audience and engagement beyond organic reach

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Golden Opportunities: Using Social Media to Market Your Hotel

Don’t forget what social media was initially invented for – to be social! It allows your brand to create an interactive community while building reputation

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10 Ways to Engage Your Followers on Instagram

Instagram’s Hidden Formula: Top Tips for Ranking Success

Summer last year the head of Instagram shared the first insight into how the various algorithms actually works. We’ve unraveled the intricacies

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social media platform app icons on a mobile phone

The Power of Social SEO: Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Implement these ideas and unlock the full potential of your social media presence, ensuring your content is engaging and discoverable by your audience

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Hotel Bookings: Comprehensive Insights into Instagram Ads

In the era of digitally savvy travelers, a strong social media presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram, is essential for hoteliers

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car with lights streaking by reflecting the importance for hotels to keep up with the pace of change in traveler behavior

6 Strategies to Keep PACE With Changing Traveler Behavior

Hotel Leaders must be ready for a seismic shift in traveler behavior that affects everything from demand and distribution patterns to length of stay

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