a hotel customers opinion, or review, is not as important for decision making

Forget Star Ratings… We Now Have 3 Types Of Customers

Our customers have moved away from judging our product or deciding on where to stay based on star rating. We now have 3 very distinct customer types

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Global Review Volume is Up… But What About APAC?

Even though review volume in APAC is down, so did the management response rate slightly. However, APAC remains the top of the class in responding to reviews

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Europe Has Shown The Biggest Growth In Review Volume In 2022

Responding to reviews should still be a key task for hoteliers. Every review response should be personalized as they are publicly available for all to see

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people holding up happy faces reflecting importance to a hotel of guest satisfaction

6 Ways to Measure Guest Satisfaction (+ Examples)

Guest satisfaction is an key indicator for hotels. High guest satisfaction leads to increased customer retention rates, minimizing acquisition costs

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Why Didn’t My Guest Leave a Review? 4 Ways to Get More Feedback

You want to receive reviews from your guest, but they do not know that you would like to receive some feedback about their stay

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How Accurate Is Review Sentiment Analysis?

Researchers recognize when travelers leave a review, their opinion can be offered in two different ways – an explicit opinion or an implicit opinion

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5 Ways to Drive Revenue with Higher Guest Satisfaction

For great guest experiences that convert into higher revenue, you need streamlined operations, clear guest communication and detailed guest intelligence

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Reputation Resolutions for 2022

As travelers set sights on more travel and more experiences, hoteliers must prioritize improving their hotel reputation and expanding their digital presence

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traveller looking at hotel reviews on a laptop

5 Tips to Leverage Guest Reviews on Your Hotel Website

With the majority of travelers looking for reassurance, there is a significant risk they leave your hotel website (without booking) to check reviews on OTAs

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Top Hotel Review Sites and How to Manage Them

There is no mistaking the importance of online reviews for hospitality. 85% customers trust an online review before making a booking

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