decorative lights often used at festive times reflecting need for hotels to light up their hotel email campaigns for the holidays

The holiday season is nearly upon us, a time of anticipation and excitement, magic and memories. It’s also a time when your guests eagerly await exciting seasonal email offers to hit their inboxes. Your hotel holiday email campaigns offer more than just festive cheer, however — they can drive substantial website traffic and help you harness invaluable guest data.

NB: This is an article from Revinate

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When it comes to holiday marketing, Black Friday stands at the peak of the mountaintop, with 141 million emails sent in 2022. In addition, research reveals over two-thirds (68%) of holiday shoppers admit to a heightened focus on emails from businesses during the Christmas season. These facts underscore the immense possibilities hotel holiday email marketing provides during this season.

The challenge for hoteliers is that you’re not simply competing with other accommodation providers, but also with an enticing array of other business promotions. The key to standing out from the crowd lies in achieving high email deliverability. And to maximize profitability, you also want to leverage your campaigns to drive direct revenue.

Below you’ll find a cornucopia of strategies and real-life examples from Revinate’s global customers. Use them as inspiration for your own campaigns, helping you pave the way for a holiday season that’s not only merry and bright, but a revenue-boosting success.

Let your CTA be a guiding star

You want your subscribers to take action after reading your hotel holiday email, so you need to encourage them to do so with a compelling call to action (CTA). Think of a well-crafted CTA like a guiding star. It provides a clear pathway for your recipients to navigate, sending them straight to the ultimate destination: your hotel or resort.

Research shows email campaigns with clear CTAs have a high click-through rate (CTR) of approximately 3-5%. To achieve these higher rates, convey your message succinctly, ensuring that the desired action is unmistakable. Use power words and impactful language, including terms like “now” or “today” to ignite a sense of urgency and inspire immediate action.

Tailoring your CTAs to the user and the required action is equally important, with personalized CTAs performing 202% better than basic CTAs. Different segments of your audience have different needs, and crafting customized CTAs for these subsets can significantly boost your conversion rates.

Checklist for your CTA:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use power words to drive action
  • Personalize it according to your offers and audience
  • Make it prominent and easy to spot; don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors

The campaign examples below all show clear use of effective CTAs.

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