There are many hotel technology companies that say they improve the hotel guest experience.

NB: This is an article from Roomdex, one of our Expert Partners

They are probably correct in their claim, but guest sentiment is not always easy to prove, especially as it relates to the impact of a technology a hotel employs. We claim that giving guests a choice to customize and further personalize their stay through automated upselling will improve the guest’s experience.

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Why? We all live in a new digital world where we can constantly make choices that gives us something that reflects what we want personally. We are used to controlling and personalizing our experiences.

Hotels have always struggled with personalization. Most people stay in the same hotel maybe once or twice a year at most, so hotels often know very little about their prospective guests before they buy. As a result, price tends to drive purchase decisions in the reservation acquisition phase.

ROOMDEX helps resolve this by using hotel reservation, guest data and its proprietary persona and price algorithms to provide personalized digital offers in the upselling phase. We can provide offers that reinforce the impression that the hotel wants to help the guest improve the specific reservation that they previously made. This contributes to the satisfaction of each guest, greatly improving the overall guest experience.

While some traditional hoteliers are concerned that discounted upgrades undermine the brand value of premium rooms, the truth is that guests are thrilled to be offered an upgrade that is specifically catered to the room type and attributes they find most appealing.

So how do we prove our claim? We figured that the best way to see how happy guests are with their upsell experiences is to go directly to the source: Hotel Guest Reviews. And we found out answer: hotel guests really are loving the easy, affordable, and personalized upgrade options they are provided through hotel upsell automation!

Here is the proof we found:

Theresa W from Wisconsin who loved her amazing water fountain view from the balcony of her $21 upgrade:

Kellie found it well worth the $80 splurge to make her hotel stay extra memorable:

And finally, Carmen, a family focused mom who enjoyed treating her family to an upgrade on their spring vacation:

While Revenue Managers are motivated by the easy and consistent revenue of ROOMDEX, the benefits are found in more than just the ROI. Hoteliers do care about their guests, and happy guests mean repeat business and great hotel reviews. Your guest may not know that you chose ROOMDEX upselling solution, but their experience is measurably improved by it.

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