person with arms open in joy reflecting how hotels must offer guests something digital intermediaries cannot to gain back primacy in travel planning

Hotels Must Offer Something Competing Digital Intermediaries Cannot

Third party encroachment on the customer booking journey means higher costs for hotels to achieve visibility in the eye of the consumer

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different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like hotels can embrace attribute based selling to improve guest personalization

How the Big Problem with Hotel Stay Personalization was Solved

ABS is a revelation because it solves both the Labor and the Product problems that come with hotel stay personalization

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5 people sitting down possibly in a hotel morning meeting

How to Win the Morning Meeting

General purpose of the morning meeting is to give a quick overview – a status of things as they stand, a recap of what happened to fuel the actions of today

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car engine depicting a hotel tech stack and whether it drives revenue or just efficiencies

Does Your Hotel Tech Stack Power Revenue or Just Efficiencies?

Your tech stack should be a sum of all its parts. When evaluating tech choices, you should consider if it increases the overall ROI of the entire tech stack

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blocks being stacked in the same way independent hotels should focus more on increasing ancillary revenue

Attribute-Based Selling: What’s in it for me?

Attribute-Based Selling is the logical step forward. It improves guest satisfaction, brand distinction, cart value, conversion and delivers more revenue

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hotel guests are becoming more interested in travel assistance insurance and this could help hotels if look to use it in their direct channel stratgey

Think Your Guests are Too Luxurious for Digital? Think Again

Many luxury hotel GMs believe that ‘digital’ is contrary to the brand image of their premium product in the mind of their affluent guests

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shopping cart with different purchases reflecting attribute based selling (abs) and how hotels could benefit from adopting retail best practices

With ABS Hoteliers Can Leverage Retail Best Practices

Your guests want more control. When it comes to their hotel stay, ABS (attribute-based selling) offers the same retail style customization they are after

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Hand sketching Value Price puzzle concept reflecting how attribute based selling can help guests understand value of premium hotel rooms beyond just the price

Re-Frame Room Price Value: What Attribute Based Selling Can Do

Something needs to be done to better showcase – and derive appropriate value from – our premium rooms. Attribute Based Selling (ABS) holds the answer

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hotel worker on the phone possibly taking a call about late check-out due to an airline flight cancellation

Current Airline Chaos Can Drive Check-out Time Extension Revenue

Flight disruption has become a near daily occurrence and passengers have been left stranded. But one man’s problem is another’s opportunity

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person holding a heart reflecting happier guests can help hotels achieve consistent upsell revenue

How to Achieve Consistent Upsell Revenue and Happier Guests

The industry has recognized that the monetization of room upgrades, early check-ins, late check-outs provide the highest margin revenue a hotel can collect

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