How to Get Guests to Spend More at Your Hotel

Inspiring your guests to spend more starts before they even set foot in your Hotel. Make it effortless for your guests to spend and they will spend more!

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How to Design Creative Upsell Deals for Your Hotel Customers

By getting creative with upsell ideas, you expand your revenue generation abilities and boost your profits. A stronger bottom line means a healthier hotel

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Research Recommends Stop Treating Upselling Channels as Independent

This study provides an overview of current upselling approaches in the hotel industry. It shows there is room for both online and offline upselling channels

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increasing coins with an arrow reflecting upselling trends in hotels

Hotel Upselling Trends: March 2021 to August 2021

Few hotels have reached maximum occupancy for any substantial amount of time, so there is almost always a wide array of inventory for upselling

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man at hotel reception where upselling is often done but can now be automated

The Currency that Buys Time: Automation of Guest Service Upselling

Upselling has recently been seen as a way to re-capture revenue. However, many properties limit themselves to upselling only at front desk during check-in

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The Hidden Benefits of No-Sale Upselling to Guests

Let’s be honest, email content can be boring, the challenge in upselling often lies in making your guests click through to your offering in the first place

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16 Ways You Can Increase Hotel Revenue

While your mission as a hotel is to provide memorable and exceptional guest experiences for your guests, your goal is to earn capital and grow revenue

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hotel employee and guest engagement with modern hotel automation technology

Guest Service Automation – Reduce Hotelier Labor and Drive Revenue

Not only does self-service and automation of guest services deliver both convenience and cost savings but also improves customer service and increase sales

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man piling coins up shows how google pay per stay can add demand and revenue to hotels

3 Easy-to-Manage Guest Services That Can Boost Revenue

Today we look at 3 guest services that can be offered and booked through automation and which will help support your revenue recovery efforts

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Summer Upselling Ideas For Your Hotel Guests

Looking to find ways to address your hotel guests’ needs this summer. Make this the trip they dreamed of during lockdown with these summer upselling ideas

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