roomdex zetter hotels customer success story

Customer Success Story: Zetter Hotels

Having recently added Roomdex as part of their tech overhaul, we find out why Zetter chose this intelligent, automated upselling solution

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The Importance of Upselling in Hotels

Let’s look at the different forms of upselling. The term ‘upselling’ can serve as an umbrella term that also includes cross-selling and suggestive selling

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coins being stacked up to reflect how revenue performance can be lifted straight away following automated upselling introduction

Automated Upsell Revenue Performance Lift Right Off The Bat

To consistently get the team to upsell, every single individual, every single shift, with every single request – things are going to slip through the cracks

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post its with people drawn on them with target rings and a pin hitting the centre reflecting value of website personalization

Boosting Direct Bookings Using Hotel Website Personalization

Here are five highly effective ways to personalize the website experience to ensure you maximize conversions on your hotel website

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How to Increase Hotel Sales and Revenue With Upselling

Upselling is one fool-proof way to boost hotel sales and increase revenue. The reasons are simple. It’s easy and cost-effective to implement upselling

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6 Steps To Power Upsells Using Hotel Data

Understanding customer data and extracting meaningful insights from that is essential today, and can propel hotel upselling initiatives to the next level

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Best Upselling Deals and 2022 Trends

Breakfast throughout the stay was the popular upselling option in the UK. Followed by late check-outs, breakfast, becoming a loyalty member and discount

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Smart Overbooking Strategy: Minimise Free Upgrades and Lost Revenue

Applying an overbooking strategy is common practice and legitimate way to fill a hotel. But if not careful, you hand out too many freebies with no benefit

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different sizes of burgers showing different fillings like hotels can embrace attribute based selling

Attribute Based Selling: It’s Time to Define it for the Hotel Industry

With attribute-based selling, hoteliers can sell every room attribute separately, instead of the traditional method of offering rooms by just room type

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video thumbnail image for discussion about hotel technology and the fear of change or fear of missing out

Hotel Technology: Fear of Change or Fear of Missing Out

Today we talk about Hotel Technology, it’s value to hoteliers and why there is still some resistance to get on board. We touch on a number of core topics:

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