My Place Hotels of America, LLC, an expanding chain that meets the demands of the economy traveler with properties in 7 states implemented Revcaster competitive data intelligence to standardize and optimize rates and evaluate markets for new properties before they open their doors. Revcaster a Rainmaker Group Solution, maximizes ADR based on same-day competitive rate information and is the trusted leader in flexible, cost effective hotel rate shopping tools.

“Revcaster enables My Place Hotel Franchisees to monitor and forecast market rates to optimize their properties’ pricing,” said Heather Schmidt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for My Place Hotels of America. “The hotel brand launched in 2012 and is growing rapidly. Revcaster rate tracking is set up for each franchisee and helps them provide rate consistency and maintain the brand price niche. This lets them offer affordable nightly, weekly, and monthly rates. The competitive data also helps maintain an understanding of the markets, so franchisees can trust their properties’ room rates.”

“My Place Hotels uses Revcaster competitive market intelligence in an innovative way,” said Daniel Wise, Revcaster Solution President. “While they are still building a new property, their executive team uses our competitive data to evaluate and forecast its market’s rates and trends. This lets them open their doors with optimized rates to maximize ADR from day one. Once a week, My Place properties does a full-rate evaluation forecast 90 days out; they also run a 120-day report monthly to forecast market performance, availability and revenue.”

“My Place worked with Rainmaker to create easy-to-use custom reports that let our franchisees monitor competitor pricing information,” Schmidt said. “Revcaster provides a good amount of information at a cost effective price. Both its flexible reporting and price are a good fit for our properties and business.”