Hospitality Innovators Inc (HII) named Atomize, the revolutionary and top-rated Revenue Management Software (RMS) provider, as exclusive RMS partner for HII-managed hotels in the Philippines.

NB: This is an article from Atomize, one of our Expert Partners

The exclusive partnership agreement enables HII-managed hotels to adopt the Atomize application to improve pricing optimization and revenue management.

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Digitalization was always a high priority for HII and they required an easy-to-use and fully automated revenue solution that would ensure optimal pricing for all their properties and support them in maximizing their RGI and RevPAR without the operational overhead of a large revenue management team. Atomize with its intuitive platform, real-time price optimization, multi-property dashboard, and ability to consider future demand insights ticked all the boxes and was a natural choice over the traditional RMS providers.

“Atomize’s approach to real-time price automation, mobile-first technology, and ability to include future market insights in their pricing really made them stand out on our shortlist. We knew we needed a system that would make tasks less time-consuming and tedious for the team. Working with Atomize will allow us to make timely, insight-driven decisions, leaving data-gathering and pricing recommendations to the software. It’s a big improvement compared to the amount of Excel sheets we previously had to sift through on a daily basis.” 

“Atomize is indeed a solution worthy of the 21st century and we feel confident that this solution will allow us to streamline our revenue management processes, increase our revenues and profits, and elevate our service delivery”, says Ryan Pangilinan, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing at HII. 

HII recently changed their Property Management System (PMS) to Mews, which means they will benefit from a seamless full two-way integration between Atomize and their PMS, managing- and monitoring pricing of their multiple properties from a single platform and from any device.

“We are experiencing an increased demand for lean and responsive revenue solutions from hotels.  With hoteliers’ focus on the economic recovery in today’s unpredicted markets, an ultra-responsive RMS with a best-in-class technology as a backbone will be a key advantage for HII,” said Philip Niemann, CCO at Atomize.

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