Today we are joined by:

🔹 Niki Van den Broeck – Manager of Business Development at Get Into MoRe

In today’s video we discuss elements of a whitepaper Get Into More have put together called:
Navigating Uncertainty, which looks at Meetings and Event Sales and Revenue Management

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👇 We touch on:

🟠 What are the Certain Factors we do know and what are the uncertain factors we need to keep constantly in mind – posing the question, is this the new normal or the temporary abnormal?
🟠 5 key principles touching on the customer, data and value proposition
🟠 FREE Meetings survival pack Get Into MoRe are offering to hotels

🔗Link to Whitepaper

🔗Link to Survival Pack

Here are the chapters:

  • Guest Intro (2:08)
  • Factors that are ‘Certain’ (4:44)
  • Factors that are ‘Uncertain’ (11:28)
  • 5 Key principles (16:50)
  • FREE Meetings Survival Pack (29:49)
  • Wrap up (30:36)

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