group of people mapping out a hotel website layout to best optimize it for converting lookers to bookers

A professional, modern, mobile-first website is an absolute must-have for generating direct bookings.

NB: This is an article from Profitroom

Your hotel’s website should not only reflect the uniqueness of your hotel, but also appear within the first Google search results.

We have compiled a checklist of the most important components of a highly converting website for you, in order to help you prepare for the reopening and upcoming booking boom in the best possible way.

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The most important components of a highly converting website

1. Flexible CMS (Content Management System)

A CMS system enables user friendliness, since the website content can be updated at any time with ease, as opposed to a static HTML website. This allows you to update new offers and packages, availability and prices, as well as news and images easily at any time.

2. Professional Design

Your website visitor’s first impression of your hotel is shaped within a few seconds. By presenting relevant and compelling content in an enticing way you will increase the chance of converting your website visitor into a guest.

3. Usability

A simple customer journey is crucial to generate direct bookings directly via your hotel’s website and helps to reduce booking abandonments. A simple navigation of well-curated content at the right touch-points along the customer journey makes it easier for them to anticipate and imagine a stay in your property.

4. Mobile Usability

We are seeing more searches and bookings using mobile devices for hotel stays. Therefore, offering a user-friendly and positive user experience on mobile devices and tablets is imperative. Also, if your hotel’s website is not fully optimised your Google website ranking will suffer allowing competitors to take your market share.

5. Rich visual content

A picture is worth a thousand words. High-resolution images and videos are crucial to underline your storytelling and branding and set the right mood and tone for your website visitors.

6. A high-performing Booking Engine

A powerful solution to turn your hotel website into a highly converting direct booking channel. It allows potential guests to see all essential information about their booking in a convenient format. If the guest finds key booking information missing, it is very likely they will leave the website without finalising the booking.

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