How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? Complete Guide to Ads Pricing

We previously shared what $5 per day will buy you on Facebook Ads, but how much does Facebook advertising really cost?

That’s a tricky question! And the short answer is, it’ll never cost you more than you have to spend. If you have a budget of $5 per day, Facebook Ads will never cost you more than $5 a day. However, there are a number of factors that will affect how far your budget will stretch and the success you’ll see for your money.

Maybe a better approach with Facebook Ads could be to think about how you can make your budget deliver the best results for your business. And that’s precisely where I’d love to help you today.

In order to help you understand exactly how to optimize your Facebook Ads spend for the best results, I dug into several resources and studies to identify some Facebook advertising benchmarks and along the way, I also discovered seven key factors that determine the cost of Facebook Ads, which I’m excited to share with you.

In this post, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the cost of Facebook Ads and how to make your budget work for you.

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Benchmarks: How much does Facebook advertising cost?

You might be curious about the exact cost of an impression, a click, or a conversion through Facebook ads. However, as many factors influence the cost of advertising, there isn’t an absolute answer to this question.

Thankfully, Marketing Partners like AdEspresso, SalesForce, and Nanigans regularly analyze social media advertising spend. While the benchmarks will not tell you precisely how much your ad campaign will cost, they might be great reference points for your consideration.

The team at AdEspresso seem to have the most up-to-date benchmarks at the moment. They studied over 100 million dollars of ad spend in 2016 Q3 and came up with a set of benchmarks for the current cost of Facebook advertising. Here are a few of their findings (the currency is in U.S. dollars):

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