Duetto, the market leader in hotel profit optimization technology, announced that its revenue strategy solutions have been fully integrated with Trust International’s CRS technology, making Duetto’s powerful new insights on pricing and demand available to more than 6,700 hotels in 62 hotel groups around the world.

“We welcome this integration and are pleased to make Duetto’s innovative solutions available to our hotels worldwide,” said Richard Wiegmann, CEO at Trust International. “Duetto’s unique ability to price customer segments, offers and discounts independently provides a unique edge, giving our hotels access to data to make rooms available and priced to meet demand. We believe Duetto’s products are the future of Revenue Strategy in the hotel industry — and we are glad to make them available to our hotels.”

“We are happy to announce this partnership with Trust International, one of the world’s leading CRS providers and international hospitality partners,” said Patrick Bosworth, Duetto’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Today more than ever, hotels in all segments and in all markets are looking for solutions that allow for flexibility to fully optimize revenue and manage distribution complexity. We provide that solution – and look forward to working with Trust International and its hotels to ensure they never leave money on the table again.”

Duetto opened its Europe and its Asia Pacific headquarters in the fourth quarter of last year and is rapidly expanding worldwide. Duetto’s revenue strategy solutions are deployed at hundreds of hotel and casino properties in 19 countries.

Original article source: Hotel Online