Ah, the elusive weekdays – the underdog of hotel bookings. While weekends bask in the limelight of bustling activity, weekdays often languish in the shadows of low occupancy rates.

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But fear not, for in the realm of hospitality, challenges are but opportunities in disguise! With a dash of innovation and a sprinkle of savvy strategy, hotels can turn the tide and transform weekdays into a vibrant canvas of bustling bookings.

Tailored Special Offers:

Let’s kickstart the weekday fiesta with some irresistible deals!

Picture this: exclusive discounts, bonus perks, and tantalising incentives beckoning guests to indulge in a weekday escape.

By showering guests with goodies like complimentary meals, swanky room upgrades, or pocket-friendly rates, hotels can ignite the spark of curiosity and lure travellers into choosing weekdays for their next adventure.

Targeted Marketing:

Calling all superheroes of segmentation! It’s time to utilise the power of personalised marketing.

By zeroing in on the demographics most likely to embrace midweek magic – hello, retirees and remote workers! – hotels can tailor their marketing manoeuvres to hit the bullseye. Think social media posts, email blasts, and laser-focused ads designed to captivate the weekday wanderers.

Enhance Business Amenities and Packages:

But wait, there’s more! Catering to business travellers during weekdays can also bolster occupancy rates. Hotels can enhance their business amenities and services – think conference facilities, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and tailored business packages

Promoting these offerings through corporate partnerships, industry events, and business forums can attract weekday bookings from business clientele.

Collaborate with Local Businesses:

It’s time to join forces with local legends! By forging partnerships with nearby businesses and attractions, hotels create a synergy that’s simply irresistible. Joint promotions, package deals, and exclusive offers become the talk of the town, enticing guests to extend their stay and explore the wonders of the locale.

Utilise the Userguest Longer Stay Notification:

Last but not least, enter the superhero of smart technology – the Userguest. With Userguest’s Longer Stay Notification, you can incentivise guests to extend their stay with special weekday rates.

The feature prompts guests to extend their stay by offering them special rates or incentives, strategically targeting specific days when occupancy tends to be lower. For instance, guests checking out on Sundays could be encouraged to extend their stay with attractive offers, thereby maximizing occupancy throughout the week.

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