Hey everyone, let’s talk about how the game has changed for hotel guest communications. Gone are the days when emails were the go-to. Now, it’s all about hitting that immediate, personal vibe. And guess what? WhatsApp is leading the charge.

NB: This is an article from Chatlyn, one of our Expert Partners

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Hotels are quickly catching on. Why? Because texting wins (98% open rate vs. 21% on email). Every time. It’s fast, it’s personal, and it’s what guests prefer. Leading hotels? They’re already on board, using WhatsApp to dial up those memorable experiences we all crave.

WhatsApp for Hotels: Why It’s a Winner

Here’s the scoop: WhatsApp blows traditional methods out of the water with sky-high engagement rates. Why does this matter? Because in the world of hospitality, engagement is everything. And WhatsApp isn’t just about chatting. It’s a powerhouse for automation and personalization.

Think sending welcome messages the minute a guest books, or updates that feel super personal, thanks to tools like placeholders and webhooks.

The bottom line? Hotels using WhatsApp are seeing guests that are more engaged, happier, and more likely to come back. Now that’s a win-win if I’ve ever seen one!

WhatsApp – The Ultimate Hotel Communication Tool

Alright, let’s break down why WhatsApp is the MVP in hotel guest communications. We’re talking engagement through the roof – far surpassing old-school email. Why? Because it’s instant, interactive, and incredibly user-friendly.

Now, let’s talk about getting personal, because that’s where WhatsApp shines with chatlyn.

  1. Automation? Check.
  2. Personalization? Double check.

Thanks to chatlyn’s slick features like placeholders, APIs, and webhooks, every message sent feels like it’s crafted just for the recipient.

Mastering Guest Engagement with WhatsApp Automation

Pre-Stay Magic:

Booking Confirmation: Right after booking, guests get an automated message that confirms all the details – names, dates, you name it – making them feel secure and attended to.

Pre-Arrival Prep:

A few days out? Time to upsell. Offer those extra services like airport transfers or dinner reservations with a quick message. It’s all about enhancing their experience – and your revenue.

During the Stay Vibes:

  1. Welcome Message: Check-in day just got a whole lot warmer. Send a personalized welcome message with the guest’s name, local weather, and a quick guide to your amenities. Something like, “Welcome, [Guest Name]! We hope you enjoy your stay in [City]. Today’s weather is [Weather Condition]. Let us know if you need anything!”
  2. Room Access: No keycard? No problem. We’ve partnered with a tech lock provide like FlexiPass to send secure room access links directly through WhatsApp. “Hi [Guest Name], here’s your room 101 access link [Secure Link]. Enjoy your stay!”

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