guest experience

Leverage Personalization for More Cost Effective Direct Bookings

Focusing on improving guest satisfaction through personalization, independent hotels can earn recommendations leading to a steady stream of direct bookings

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Most Common Guest Complaints and How to Handle Them

The more prepared you are to handle guest complaints, the less likely negative experiences will damage your hotel reputation and guest reviews

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Responding to Hotel Guest Reviews: How to Do It Right!

Responding to hotel guest reviews can be very time-consuming. There are a few tips to be as efficient as possible when dealing with this task

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traveller looking at hotel reviews on a laptop reflecting importance of reputation management and it's impact on driving hotel revenue

How Guest Reviews Directly Affect the Hotel Revenue

A hotel’s reputation has major influence on revenue through effects on price perception of guests, as a customer loyalty measure, and a marketing factor

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train tracks reflecting different distribution challenges that could be helped by a channel manager

Strategies for Managing Distribution Channels in the Hotel Industry

Through these strategies, you’ll be equipped to navigate the complexities of distribution channels and offer exceptional guest experience

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view of a hotel and apartments with swimming pools illustrating how a property can become a destination in own right with a strong brand strategy

Branding Strategies to Transform Your Hotel into a Destination

We explore the transformational process of turning your hotel from merely a place for travelers to rest their heads, to a much anticipated destination

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3 Steps to Leverage Guest Feedback During Peak Season

Peak season brings its challenges, but with some foresight and preparation, you can still ensure you meet the expectations of your guest

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5 Examples of Hotel Managers Responding to Reviews Like Stars

Crafting stellar replies to reviews is easier said than done. In practice, it means a lot of time spent on addressing each review as a unique conversation

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disneyland and how hotel can use automation to make the guest experience magic

Disney-fication of Travel: Make Guest Experience Magic with Automation

Guest experience is a hotel’s lifeblood and therefore no hotel wants to misapply automation at the expense of crucial human interaction

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person shouting through a megaphone reflecting the importance for hotels to stay on top of their guest feedback

How to Stay on Top of Your Guest Feedback

Guest feedback holds the key to unlocking invaluable insights that can drive operational improvements and enhance guest satisfaction

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