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Boosting Customer Service Scores: Strategies for Hotel Operators

Improving customer service scores is critical for any hotel aiming to enhance guest satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge

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thumbnail image for the who are we interviews with nicolas vorsteher of chatlyn

Chatlyn “Who Are We”: In Conversation with Nicolas Vorsteher

We hear from Nicolas of chatlyn how an efficient modern communication approach can positively impact bookings and guest experience

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man frustrated reflecting impact of poor guest communication in this youtube thumbnail for hijiffy video discussion

Poor Guest Communication Impact is Bigger Than Lost Bookings

As well as discussing the challenges hoteliers face with guest communication Shaun will also give us a quick demo of how HiJiffy’s AI works

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Maximize Return on Experience (ROE) with Data Driven Marketing

Properties can create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experience where guests ultimately spend more, do more and stay longer

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image of an empty chair in a run down building reflecting the impact to hotels of open executive positions and loss of momentum and revenue

Cost to Hotels of Open Executive Positions and Loss of Momentum

Today we look at Hotel staffing and the impact an executive opening can have on a property – momentum is a key word here

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Creating Memorable Guest Experiences: Personalization with Storytelling

Whilst today everyone talks about guest experience, what makes an experience unique and memorable, particularly in hospitality?

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Keeping Hospitality Human: Importance of Personal Touch and Hotel Tech

Personal interactions is increasingly hard to come by. In an industry grounded in hospitality and personalization, this approach seems counterintuitive

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EU’s New Digital ID: A Game Changer for Hotels

EU eIDAS II regulation presents a key moment for the hospitality industry. Embracing digital identity solutions could revolutionize the guest experience

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Collecting Guest Preference Data: Critical Gaps and Discrepancies

What is the right way for hotels to optimize their digital operations and data gathering to deliver personalized and enhance the guest experiences?

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5 Signs Your Hotel Tech Stack is Outdated

Here are 5 signs a hotel tech stack is outdated, along with tips on which state-of-the-art solutions to consider instead

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