car with lights streaking by reflecting a possible trend towards hypercommerce in the hotel industry

As technology continues to evolve, and direct bookings continue to grow exponentially since 2020, it’s safe to say that the playing field has been levelled for hotels to compete and get more direct bookings.

NB: This is an article from GuestCentric

But, as the world of travel continues to change at a rapid pace, the big question is, what is next for independent hotels in the future? In this article, we explore some of the top trends hotels can expect in 2030 and beyond, and highlight why hotels need to embrace the HyperCommerce philosophy in order to compete with the Goliaths of online distribution and take their business to the next level?

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What is HyperCommerce and how will it help Hotels Leverage these Trends and grow Direct Business?

When we looked at each of the above trends and put them together, we determined that hotels needed a new philosophy to be online. Thus, the HyperCommerce philosophy was born. HyperCommerce is really about creating a system that inspires ambitious hotels to deliver a remarkable experience to guests, wherever they can be reached in the online world.

Traditionally speaking, the hospitality industry (and specifically hotels) have been slower to embrace technology. This is because staff was more widely available whereas now that is changing. Hotels must focus on providing the best possible experience to their guests at all stages of the journey, from search, to check-out, and beyond. And the only way to achieve this, is through building the HyperCommerce philosophy into their offering.

Below are 3 ways that HyperCommerce will help Hotels leverage the trends listed above:

1. Reach Consumers Earlier in the Funnel

In order to break free from the limitations of traditional online distributors, such as OTAs and tour operators, hotels need to be in the conversation earlier in the funnel. This means that hotels need to reach consumers before they reach the mass distribution channels.

Whether it is on Tiktok, Instagram, or any other social media networks; or, whether it is on conversational interfaces such as ChatGPT that will likely change the guests’ online behavior, engaging with guests earlier in the process will be a critical factor for hotels to compete for business online.

We believe that HyperCommerce is going to be the platform to generate revenue growth for hotels. Hotels need to consider how they can grow their business, whether it’s through getting to the right guests at the right time and also providing tailored offers that are typically more difficult and complicated to book.

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