Black Friday is just around the corner! This is your opportunity to maximize your direct sales; don’t let the OTAs be the only ones to take advantage of it! Here are our recommendations for success. Are you ready?

NB: This is an article from mirai, one of our Expert Partners

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  1. Anticipate and persist: 
  • Launch promotions before Black Friday and keep them running for a few days after to entice late decision makers, covering Cyber Monday (Monday 27) and Travel Tuesday (Tuesday 28).
  1. Discounts: 
  • Offer real and meaningful discounts, combining existing promotions to create a more attractive value proposition. 
  • Look at OTA strategies and match or improve discounts in your direct channel to ensure competitiveness.
  1. Rates and conditions:  
  • Offer non-refundable and prepaid rates at a great price.
  • Protect, but do not restrict, popular dates. 
  • Carefully manage availability to maximize direct sales on your website and close lower value and net price channels.
  • Reserve the best conditions for direct customers.
  1. Loyalty: 
  • Enhance your loyalty club with exclusive offers to encourage customer retention and leverage the high demand to attract new members.  
  • Use the CRM to invite customers who have previously booked through other channels to book directly on your website.
  1. Visibility and communication: 
  • Use social media and Google Ads campaigns to promote your offers and promotions in a way that is direct and personal to your customers.
  • Give exclusivity to the direct channel whenever possible and promote it as the best booking channel on metasearch engines.

There is nothing beyond your reach.. Let’s get going!

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