Imagine increasing direct bookings without spending on ads and having access to 7.8 million potential guests monthly.

NB: This is an article from Cloudbeds, one of our Expert Partners

That’s what independent properties can achieve with Trivago’s Free Booking Links. Trivago is a hotel metasearch engine aggregating data from multiple online distribution channels to enable price comparison in one place.

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As one of the most popular metasearch platforms in the hotel industry, Trivago is an essential component of the distribution strategy of a successful hotel. And what’s good, it just got even better!

Trivago enabled free booking links earlier this year to help independent properties increase direct bookings. Unlike Google’s Free Booking Links, this feature is only available to hoteliers; OTAs and resellers can not participate.

How can independent lodging properties take advantage of Trivago’s Free Booking Links? Read on to find out what Trivago’s Free Booking Links are, how they work, their benefits, and how to access them with Cloudbeds.

What are Trivago’s Free Booking Links?

Trivago’s free booking links are direct links from Trivago’s metasearch to a hotel’s website, working as free ads and allowing independent properties to promote their website rates on Trivago’s price-comparison results.

They provide hoteliers with a unique distribution channel for their website rates and availability, giving them more visibility and the opportunity to generate more direct revenue.

With five million hotels and alternative accommodations listed in the metasearch along with more than 180 online travel agencies (OTAs), this is an excellent opportunity for independent properties to gain visibility, attract more travelers, and increase direct bookings in one of the world’s largest accommodation metasearch engine in the world.

Who are they for?

Trivago’s Free Booking Links aim to support independent hoteliers with the means to get ahead of their competition and secure more direct bookings.

This relatively new feature is available in eight main markets – the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, and France. More markets are expected to be available soon. Currently, only independent hotels that do not have active campaigns on Trivago can participate.

How do they work?

First, as an independent lodging business, you must register your property on Trivago Business Studio. If you’re listed on OTAs, you’re probably already listed on metasearch channels too. However, your listing may be inaccurate or incomplete, so use Trivago Business Studio to update your property’s profile, images, descriptions, and reviews.

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