two receptionists at hotel front office with one guest checking in and another on the phone reflecting the possible challenges of an overbooking strategy

Is an Overbooking Strategy Right for Your Property?

While for some hoteliers it’s best to avoid overbooking altogether, for others, a good strategy can increase revenue and improve occupancy

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trivago metasearch hotel listing and new free booking links offering

Trivago Free Booking Links: How They Work and Benefits

Trivago Free Booking Links aim to support independent hoteliers with the means to get ahead of their competition and secure more direct bookings

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disneyland and how hotel can use automation to make the guest experience magic

Disney-fication of Travel: Make Guest Experience Magic with Automation

Guest experience is a hotel’s lifeblood and therefore no hotel wants to misapply automation at the expense of crucial human interaction

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person holding mobile phone reflecting disruptive shifts in travel search that each hotel must know about

3 Disruptive Shifts in Travel Search Every Hotel Should Know

We explore how Google’s new search experience, short-form videos, and conversational AI will impact travel search and how independent hotels could benefit

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man pressing graphic overlay of cogs reflecting hotel technology framework and need for investment

Top 5 Technology Investments for Independent Properties

These are the top 5 hotel technology investments independent properties plan to add or upgrade in the next two years

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What Is a ChatBot and Does Your Hotel Need One?

9 Benefits of a Hotel Chatbot and Key Features to Look For

While some rule-based chatbots are built for more straightforward tasks, an AI-powered chatbot is designed for intelligent and complex tasks

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doors with one of a different colour reflecting why hotels should use a hotel rate shopper to compare their room prices with others

What Is a Hotel Rate Shopper and Why Do Hotels Need One?

The ultimate objective of rate shopping is to achieve maximum revenue, grow ADR and occupancy and capture optimal business mix

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10 Ways to Engage Your Followers on Instagram

Instagram for Hotels: What to Post and Features to Use

Instagram has changed significantly. Here’s a breakdown of the different features and how they can be used in your hotel marketing strategy

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Hotel Direct Booking Video 3 Thumbnail image for discussion with Userguest Cendyn and Cloudbeds about ways Hotels can increase their chance to convert those lookers into bookers

Hotel Direct Booking (Pt3): Turn Your Lookers into Bookers

Today, in the final video 3, our panel consider ways Hotels can increase their chance to convert those guests looking into direct booking

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Hotel Direct Booking Video 2 Thumbnail image for discussion with Userguest Cendyn and Cloudbeds about making your hotel website more appealing and sticky

Hotel Direct Booking (Pt2): Make Your Website Appealing (Sticky)

Continuing our video series, today in video 2 we look at how hoteliers can make their hotel website more engaging and sticky

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