Hi, welcome to another Expert Partner update discussion.

Today we are joined by:

🔹Kris Glabinski, VP Europe at Aggregate Intelligence, a world leading data intelligence company, and the company behind Ratemetrics and HowsMyRate, one of our Expert Partners

In this discussion we talk about Ratemetrics, what is it, why did they decide to enter the market and why they offer a ‘free forever’ option.

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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Turn competitor intelligence into winning pricing strategies

The free version of Ratemetrics will remain totally free to use for ever. You will be able to access a 30 day-out forecast for your property for as long as you need. To access metrics for 90, and 365 days out simply upgrade your account.

Track your competitors rates

Avoid hours of manual searching and comparison of local competitor rates. With Ratemetrics, you will have the very latest competitive pricing at your fingertips. Instantly identify how your rates compare and what your best rate is.

Predict localized demand

Our localized demand predictor helps you identify fluctuations in demand before they happen, making it easy to choose the best rate, and plan your staffing and resources.

Find out what guests think of your competitors

Easily see what guests think about your competitors, and how you compare. Key metrics include cleanliness, service and location.

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