The 2024 calendar brings hoteliers another year full of opportunities, and one of the most anticipated dates of the year is just around the corner: Valentine’s Day! While some will be capturing hearts, your property could be capturing direct bookings with these tried and tested hotel marketing messages.

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Get inspired by irresistible direct channel campaigns and promotions tailored for the romantic season, driving more users to choose your property for their Valentine’s Day escape!

A Valentine’s Day go-to: Enticing Packages

Embrace the allure of packages! Not only are they appealing, but they simplify the decision-making process for guests looking to organize a romantic weekend. They are also a beneficial strategy for your property, as they boost revenue across multiple departments. Packages are flexible and can be adapted to your hotel’s unique offerings. Increase your F&B sales by including a romantic dinner, or elevate your spa’s performance by proposing a massage for two, the opportunities are endless! Elcielo Hotel employed ​​a Smart Note within the booking engine to showcase its exclusive packages for the romantic season. 

Elcielo Hotel’s Smart Note promoting its romantic packages 

Make your messages pop with GIFs

THN’s latest innovation is out! Conversion & Personalization is taking website message creation to the next level by allowing hoteliers to upload GIFs wherever it was possible to include images before. Just like Hotel Konti, enhance the allure of your Valentine’s Day offers by incorporating animated images into your website marketing messages. This will capture the attention of your future potential guests and encourage them to proceed with the booking process.

exclusive offer to try and drive valentines day direct bookings

Hotel Konti’s Valentine’s Day Layer with a GIF

Who said Valentine’s Day was only for lovebirds?

While the February holiday typically conjures images of romantic getaways, consider broadening your horizons and catering to a wider market. Whether it’s a weekend escape amongst friends, a family trip, or a solo self-care retreat, everyone is in need of a place to stay! 

Chic & Basic Hotel did just that by implementing a discount on its single occupancy rooms. Given that the Valentine’s Day period typically impacts demand for rooms designed for two guests, this approach is a clever strategy to boost the sales of room types with anticipated lower demand! 

Chic & Basic Hotel’s Valentine’s Day offer for single occupancy rooms 

Target your domestic market with F&B offers

As your hotel unveils romantic packages or room discounts for out-of-town travelers throughout the love-filled season, don’t forget about the couples in your local market. They are likely to be searching for restaurants for their Valentine’s Day dates, offering a fantastic opportunity to boost your F&B revenue around this key holiday.

Oakley Hall Hotel perfectly understood the task at hand, with its Head Chef creating a flawless 4-course dinner tailored precisely for the occasion, available on the 14th of February and the weekend before the big day. 

Oakley Hall Hotel’s Valentine’s Day F&B offer 

Valentine’s Day is a unique opportunity to boost your direct bookings, whether it is through tailored packages, the incorporation of animated GIFs into your marketing messages, expanding your audience beyond couples, or targeting your domestic market with enticing F&B offers. 

As 2024 is only just beginning, make sure not to overlook any other pivotal dates that can be leveraged to boost your direct bookings! To assist you, we’ve compiled the ultimate Dayketing Calendar to keep you up to date on the most important events and holidays for your hotel marketing strategy this year.

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