Social Media FAQs: Essential Twitter Tips For Smaller Hotels

Just because you’re a small hotel or a bed and breakfast, doesn’t limit the size of your presence on the web.

NB: This is an article by Little Hotelier

The more active you are online, the more engagement you’ll receive and a boost in bookings will naturally follow. One of the avenues to achieve this is via social media and more specifically Twitter.

Twitter is a great platform for gaining quick engagement and generating discussions that can be shared quickly and widely to a diverse range of people. It can be a very effective tool for marketing your property.

1. How does Twitter help increase the visibility and awareness of my brand?

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms available, largely because it is used by so many people around the world. With 328 million active monthly users, Twitter is an obvious choice for raising brand awareness. In addition, about half of Twitter users — or 150 million users — are compelled to engage with brands on the platform. When you create a presence on Twitter, you are more likely to capture the attention of the traveler market segment that you want to target at your B&B.

2. Why is Twitter an effective marketing tool for small hotels?

Twitter can be used in a variety ways to promote your Hotel/B&B. With short, 140-character messages, you can drive traffic to your website, promote your latest blog posts, and provide information about your latest discounts and deals. When crafting a small hotel marketing strategy however, you should develop a distinct voice for your small hotel or B&B, and use it consistently when communicating on Twitter.

3. How can Twitter be used to sell my rooms and get bookings?

As part of your social media strategy, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate. One of the best ways to do this is to post exclusive flash sales on Twitter. This generates excitement and also forces potential guests to act quickly and finalize their bookings. Maximize the audience who sees these deals by scheduling your Twitter posts for premium times, and make sure that your website is optimized for mobile bookings. About 60% use Twitter from their mobile devices, so they will only book with you if they can finish the process from their smartphone or tablet.

4. What features on Twitter can I use in my business strategy?

One of the best ways to use Twitter features is to improve your customer service strategy. Hashtag phrases are an easy way to monitor conversations regarding your brand or travel to your destination. Employ a dedicated staff member to interact and engage with these users, and prioritize customer service. Dealing with a customer service issue over Twitter not only helps that particular customer, but it proves to all who are following your brand that you are dedicated to providing excellent care. Twitter offers advanced search features that make it easy for brands to identify users who are discussing their brand and ultimately interact with them.

5. What should be the main focus of my Twitter page and why?

Your Twitter page should largely be a customer service portal for your brand, which also offers additional information and resources for your followers. Whereas Facebook and Instagram are ideal for sharing visual social proof of your property, Twitter is a better platform for showcasing your commitment to your guests. Travelers know that they can reach out to brands on social media, and they expect a response. Considering that most hotels have a bad track record with engaging their Twitter followers, you should show your guests that you are the exception to the norm.

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