Since the advent of OTAs, hoteliers have been on a mission to rethink their direct booking strategies to make their offerings stand out as the best on the market.

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Discounts, packages, membership benefits, and complimentary perks on direct channels have become industry norms. As traveler preferences evolve, hoteliers are witnessing a shift – guests no longer seek a basic tourist trip but want to experience a deep dive into the heart of the destination.

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Moreover, with the rise of new technologies, guests are expecting more and more personalized services.

Gone are the days when free Wi-Fi access sufficed to entice users to hit that booking button on the hotel’s website! Here are some truly innovative offerings that not only cater to the evolving needs of travelers but also work wonders for increasing direct channel conversions. Prepare to be inspired and watch your direct bookings soar!.

Use your destination to your advantage

Most luxury and upscale hotels offer welcome amenities to their guests on their first night. Although any gift adds a nice touch, think beyond the typical chocolates-on-the-pillow by proposing some local specialties: a bottle of regional wine, a plate of cheese from the local market, or some authentic treats. The options are limitless! 

For example, La Pérouse in Nice treats its guests to a sip of the French Riviera right in their room by gifting a bottle of Rosé when they book directly on the hotel website. The destination’s local charm is awaiting travelers from the moment they check in.

Perks3La Pérouse Hotel’s local produce perk

Partner with local tourist attractions

What makes your destination special? Is it its breathtaking wildlife, distinctive landmarks, or unconventional museums? If potential guests have reached the stage of researching accommodation, they probably have figured this out already. Offering discounts for popular activities in your area not only distinguishes you from your local competitors but also presents a hard-to-resist incentive for prospective bookers.

Bonnington Hotel Dublin’s family package, targeted specifically to website visitors who indicate they’ll be traveling with children in their room search, is a prime example of a direct booking perk success story. By including a trip to the zoo and a regional park visit with their online offers, they undoubtedly catch the attention of users traveling with their families. Whether they were originally seeking out these activities or not, your future guests will save time and money by booking these visits directly alongside their room. This approach is a surefire win!

perks2Bonnington Hotel’s personalized message displayed only to users searching for a family trip

A Meet & Greet service

Traveling to a new country can be quite stressful, from finding the way to the hotel, to dealing with visas and attempting to communicate with possible language barriers. Accompanying the guest throughout the whole arrival journey can be a real game-changer when it comes to navigating unfamiliar surroundings.

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