selling hotel rooms on google maps

Is your hotel in Google Maps or similar services? Search engines are the information source for most travelers, thus it is vital to be present as part of your travel marketing strategy. Go beyond and use this tool to drive bookings and promote your hotel from the platform. This guide will show you how to sell your room with Google Hotel Ads and the benefits for your hotel.

Last weekend some friends decided to visit some cities in Germany, including where I live. The night before their departure, they realized they made a mistake with their dates and didn’t have a hotel room for the next night in Berlin. Within seconds, we jumped into the computers and smartphones, looked for hotels within the area they liked using Google Maps and booked in a snap. Problem solved.

For businesses who rely upon a precise geographic location as part of their value propositions like hotels, promoting it is a key element. From basic information like address and contact information to more detailed data like room availability, Google Maps can help hoteliers be more present in the online world and to sell your hotel rooms with Google Maps. This is all possible through two actions: presence in Google Maps and Google Hotel Ads.

First be there

To showcase your hotel in Google Maps, hoteliers should go through Google Business. In summary, you must provide Google your hotel’s business hours, phone number, directions, and other valuable information for travelers to find you, all in one place.

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