Today we are joined by two guests from one of our Expert Partners:

Get Into More

Niki Van den Broeck and Peter Brauer join us to discuss what has changed over the last 6 months within the hotel meeting, groups and events space.

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We look back on some points made in a previous podcast as to how the meeting space might change:

Meetings Survival Pack and How Hotel Meetings Might Change Post Crisis

Why 2020 Should be the Year of MICE Revenue Management

We question whether meetings, groups and events revenue should still be considered ancillary revenue when it can make up a substantial part of a hotels income

Niki and Peter give us some examples of what they are seeing in creative ways to attract meeting and event business:

Finally we ask are your hotel sales people showing the ‘hunter’ attitude needed in todays climate.

Here are the chapters:

1:29     Welcome Guests
2:43     Guest Intros
5:20     Current Meeting & Event Situation
17:18   Is Meeting & Event Revenue still Ancillary
23:25   Creative Meeting & Event Examples
30:55   Still Hunting for Meeting & Event Business?
36:10   Wrap Up

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