Resort and Urban Fees: Here’s How to Ensure a Successful Execution

Resort and urban fees can provide owners and hoteliers with additional incremental revenues that are highly profitable and notable if strategically executed

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bright light bulb with a group of people, possibly revenue managers, in a blurred background

What Revenue Managers Need to Know in The Year Ahead

As 2022 signals continued uneven demand, teams must align on one shared objective: optimize revenue and profit across the whole operation

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Revenue Management In 2022: Thinking Beyond Price

Hotel commercial teams should be considering all revenue avenues: spa, restaurants, early check-in, late check-out; merchandising the total hotel experience

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Incremental Revenue Does Not Have To Be A Bonus

As the hospitality industry evolves and recovers, hotels must look for new ways to stand out from the competition and increase revenue. NB: This is an article from Oracle Nor1 […]

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Airline Ancillary Revenue Projected to Reach $65.8 Billion in 2021

In 2012, ancillary revenue per passenger was estimated to be $12.13; by 2019 this had increased to $23.91, and the 2021 projection is $27.60

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How to Get Guests to Spend More at Your Hotel

Inspiring your guests to spend more starts before they even set foot in your Hotel. Make it effortless for your guests to spend and they will spend more!

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A Systematic Approach to Monetising New Hotel Offerings

As conversations around monetising new hotel offerings increase, everyone needs to be speaking the same language and guided by a consistent yardstick

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man piling coins up shows how google pay per stay can add demand and revenue to hotels

3 Easy-to-Manage Guest Services That Can Boost Revenue

Today we look at 3 guest services that can be offered and booked through automation and which will help support your revenue recovery efforts

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black and white picture of man sitting next to old technology depicting how a hotel is slow to invest in rms technology

6 Things to Consider When Investing in an RMS

As you seek to optimize revenues, drive profits, save time, and outperform competitors, here’s how to find an RMS built to optimize your business segments

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Hoteliers Find Ways To Turn Parking Lots Into Profit

Hotel parking facilities can be highly efficient profit centers, but often are underutilized by hoteliers who lack revenue management discipline

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