man piling coins up shows how google pay per stay can add demand and revenue to hotels

3 Easy-to-Manage Guest Services That Can Boost Revenue

Today we look at 3 guest services that can be offered and booked through automation and which will help support your revenue recovery efforts

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black and white picture of man sitting next to old technology depicting how a hotel is slow to invest in rms technology

6 Things to Consider When Investing in an RMS

As you seek to optimize revenues, drive profits, save time, and outperform competitors, here’s how to find an RMS built to optimize your business segments

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Hoteliers Find Ways To Turn Parking Lots Into Profit

Hotel parking facilities can be highly efficient profit centers, but often are underutilized by hoteliers who lack revenue management discipline

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graphic reflecting the psychology of upselling

A Hotelier’s Guide to the Psychology of Upselling

Basic principles of consumer psychology are highly scalable; they can be applied to almost any business to increase revenue, from start-up to corporations

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wallet with money and cards reflecting revenue management drive to increase share of wallet per guest

How Hotels Can Increase Share of Wallet with Incremental Offers

Every extra service offered at the right time, not only delivers higher guest satisfaction but extra revenue for your hotel and increased share of wallet

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing value of hotel upselling

How to Optimize Upselling in Your Hotel

As the hospitality sector eagerly gears up to open their doors and welcome guests once again, how you can make the best out of upselling for your hotel

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Automating Personalisation to Improve Customer Experience and Boost Revenue

Automating your guest personalisation does not mean bombarding them with loads of irrelevant deals or adding countless options to your booking engine

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Taking Revenue Optimisation Beyond the Rooms Department

Total hotel revenue optimisation is about every source of revenue at the hotel and understanding customer value. Shifting focus from top-line to bottom-line

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wellness and spa is a good option for generating non-room revenue at your hotel

8 Ideas for Generating Non-Room Revenue at Your Hotel

The more optimized your hotel is around total revenue generation, the stronger your performance will be! Here are 10 ideas for generating non-room revenue

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person holding a mobile with hotel website open having received an upsell message generating ancillary revenue

Boost Ancillary Revenue Through Better Pre-Arrival Guest Engagement

Sending pre-arrival upsell campaigns is a great way to foster engagement, boost the guest experience and promote more ancillary revenue opportunities

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