Is The Future Of Forecasting Clear For Revenue Managers in Car Rental?

It is essential for Revenue Managers to forecast demand by carefully analyzing multiple parameters such as fleet type, season, location, etc.

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video image discussion around getting predictive and moving beyond Bi and forward looking data

Get Predictive: Moving Beyond BI and Forward Looking Data

In this discussion we consider how data analysis can go beyond business intelligence and forward looking data and explore predictive algorithms through AI

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hotel revenue management demand forecasting is like adding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle

Forecasting Uncertainty – The Metric We Need

Forecasting uncertainty is important for pricing and it’s important for the cost-benefit analysis that an RMS needs to make on behalf of the clients

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How Can Hotels Perform Demand Forecasting the Right Way?

Demand forecasting in hotels is nowadays crucial. But it isn’t easy. Which is why most hotels struggle to understand and predict guests’ behaviour.

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The Top 10 Forecasting Secrets

Forecasting is important because we need a current plan to help us execute our financial strategy. Without a map any road will take you where you want to go

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Creative Solutions for Setting the Hotel Forecast in 2021

As your forecast evolves predicting demand over a certain period, it is crucial to assess the new customer’s behaviour patterns which can impact occupancy

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hotel breakeven video thumbnail to evaluate revenue strategies

Using Hotel Breakeven to Evaluate Recovery Revenue Strategies (Pt2)

We look at cost implications and revenue opportunities these create and how, by understanding breakeven and modelling, you can see if they are profitable

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Hotel Breakeven Video Thumbnail

Understanding Hotel Breakeven Helps Revenue Recovery Strategies (Pt1)

In this episode we touch on Hotel Breakeven, what it is, why it’s important and how can it help you model revenue strategies as we plan for the recovery

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rms hotel travel tech mindset

6 Out-of-the-Box Ways Your RMS Can Support Your Hotel’s Financial Recovery

Your RMS can be used in many creative ways to help your hotel survive the ongoing pandemic, no matter how demand changes over the coming months

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UK Hotel Reopening Trends in 2020

Ongoing vaccination rollout is sure to improve sentiment leading into the Spring and we expect to see more reopening again as restrictions ease

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