Until the Dust Settles, Zero-Based Budgeting is Indispensable

A method of budgeting where all expenses must be justified for each new period starting from a zero base, is required given the fluidity of global economies

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Hotel Sector Post Pandemic: More Financial Headwinds Ahead? Revenue Hub Article Thumbnail

Hotel Sector Post Pandemic: More Financial Headwinds Ahead?

We talk with Dr Don about how the hotel industry looks post pandemic, the current cost of living crisis, impact on travel this summer and perceived value

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Hotel Margins Under Pressure But Bottom Line Impact Can Be Made

Just as the hotel industry is finding its feet after two of the most tumultuous years in living memory, hotels are now faced with a fresh challenge

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man looking at a spreadsheet evaluating performance illustrating the value of an integrated and agile internal control framework

Improve Results With an Integrated and Agile Internal Control Framework

Internal audit should pivot from a traditional rotating visit approach to a risk-focused and data-driven framework that leverages existing control processes

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Negative Flow Through, What Is It And How To Measure It?

In negative flow-through, revenue is positive, but GOP is negative. It can also be where revenue is increasing, but profitability ratio is in negative state

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Is Hotel Revenue Making It to the Bank Revenue Hub YouTube Video Thumbnail

Is The Hotel Revenue You Generated Making it to The Bank?

We look at common risks which may be hampering the journey of your hotel revenue through to the bank, ways to resolve these and how to continually improve

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Flow-Though: What Does it Mean and How Does it Work

Flow-through in the hotel industry is fundamental to understanding how profitable your business is, especially across all the different departments

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What is the Only Thing We Know for Sure About the Hotel Budget?

The only thing we know for sure about the budget is … wait for it: It is wrong. That’s right, it is wrong every time. It will never be the correct answer

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Why Your Hotel Needs a Daily “Pick-up” Report

Y1ou would be surprised how many hotels do not use their pick-up report properly and miss out on the financial opportunity a good strategy can represent

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The Key Attributes of a Proper Hotel Financial Statement

Your hotel financial statement needs to be in shape, and it must have the proper features that allow you the insight to make better operating decisions

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