Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels veit meier berner+becker interview YouTube Thumbnail

Winter Might Be Coming, But Spring Can Still Bloom for Hotels

We look at how global economic factors might influence different traveller attitudes and why hotels must revisit some basic revenue management principles

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Hotel Budgets: Things to Keep in Mind When Budgeting for 2023

The unprecedented volatility has made the task of producing a hotel budget for 2023 daunting. Here are some things to keep in mind that might help

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High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotel Industry Adapt Interview YouTube Thumbnail - SSP

High Costs, Lower Profit and Staffing Issues: How Will Hotels Adapt

With the dichotomy of higher prices, increasing costs and the continuing staffing challenge we ask how might the hotel industry adapt over the coming years

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It is decision intelligence, not business intelligence that is key, hoteliq video youtube thumbnail

It’s Decision Intelligence, Not Business Intelligence, That Is Key

Apo defines decision intelligence; outlines how data is only valuable when organised, analysed and acted on; why forecasting is not a one snapshot task

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How To Prevent Chargebacks And Fraudulent Charges At Your Hotel

Before we take a look at some of the steps you can take to prevent fraudulent chargebacks, it makes sense to examine the most common scenarios

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Making Workforce and Cost Reduction Part of Revenue Management Mix

To most hoteliers, the term revenue management brings to mind a set of complex tools and analytics used to optimize room rates. And rightly so, there is a lot that […]

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The Ultimate 2023 Budget Guide for Hospitality

Which areas should you focus on to keep your property, or destination, ahead of the pack? Here are 5 important considerations for your 2023 budget plan

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What Really Counts and Why: 3 Metrics to Have on Your Radar

All three metrics must work together at the same time to get the best view of the potential profitability of your food sales

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Managing The Whole Asset: Looking Afresh At Each Hotel Space

Hotels were being viewed more and more as a mainstream asset class and attracting investors who were more used to less complicated assets

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Better Visibility into 2023 Helps Normalize Hotel Budgeting Process

The overall lack of visibility because conditions were changing daily meant hoteliers were less than sure about budgeting the way they had always done before

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