How to Optimize Hotel Operating Costs for Better Margins

Following proven strategies for reducing hotel operating costs, you can protect profits, boost your total revenue and uphold exceptional guest experience

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pie graph with a slice separated slightly reflecting the relevance of goppar as a hotel metric and it's value above and beyond revpar

Why Aren’t Hoteliers Talking About the Most Valuable Metric: GOPPAR?

The metric we should pay attention to is GOPPAR because it’s the funds a hotelier has to work with. Why doesn’t GOPPAR have its own index like RevPAR does?

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coins flying off reflecting how conversion rates can be impacted by parity performance

How to Calculate Your Guest Acquisition Cost (GAC) in 2023

Here we break things down for you, explaining how to calculate guest acquisition cost and the different costs to factor in

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How Can The Revenue Manager Optimize Profits?

For a revenue managers with the luxury of a higher market share than the fair share of the market, it is time to start thinking about profit maximization

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8 Steps to Help Make Your Hotel Recession Proof in 2023

Overall, prioritise actions that drive ADR instead of solely looking at hotel occupancy and ensure you maintain your positioning

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Sustainability for Hotels – The Impact on Profitability

It’s not enough to jump on the bandwagon and talk the talk. Hotels need to walk the walk by embedding sustainability into their business models

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Why GMs Have a Hard Time Managing Their Financial Leader

What GMs typically do when asked about money is they defer to the financial person, because they do not want to make any financial missteps

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Adjusting for Inflation: Should You Raise Your Hotel Room Rates?

When considering room rates and revenue management, hotels must ensure their revenue generation strategies align with their profit objectives

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image of culloden estate and spa used for the hotel networks article about how they saved 48% in promotional costs from direct bookings

How to Save 48% in Promotional Costs from Direct Bookings

As a result, it reduced promotional spend by 48%, influenced 120+ bookings of website visitors and resulted in +£29k extra revenue from low-intent users

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image with letters swot reflecting importance of a full business analysis

How to Conduct Your Hotel SWOT Analysis in 6 Steps

In hotel management, the SWOT analysis framework serves as a guide to understanding the position of your hotel within the market

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