Marketing Budgeting for 2022

Because digital marketing changes so quickly, it is important to make sure your online presence is keeping up with it as budget season arrives

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How To Maximise Marketing Budget Return For Your Luxury Hotel

A roadmap is essential to ensure your hotel marketing budget isn’t wasted and the correct channels are used to satisfy your marketing plan’s goals

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words about data under a window ledge

A New Age of Hotel Management: Digital Collaboration Powered by Data

Strategic roles like finance, revenue management, marketing, and others require more data driven decision making than hands-on experience at the property

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Hotel Budgeting 2022: Which Drivers Should You Consider Changing

To have better, more accurate budgeting numbers for the year ahead, hoteliers need to re-evaluate their drivers and establish a new baseline data set

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Guest Acquisition Cost: Everything Hoteliers Should Know

If you’re not thinking in terms of guest acquisition cost to get customers through your door then you’re missing a critical metric in charting your success

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atomize pre-ipo announcement image

Atomize Raises 3.4 Million Euros in a Pre-IPO Funding Round

Atomize plans to use its financing to continue developing its products and invest in distributing its platform to larger hotel chains and related segments

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Cash Is King – Defend It with Revenue Science

With smart revenue management strategies and technology, hotels can deliver much needed cash flow, improved financials, and data to help navigate the crisis

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Hotel Profit Climbs Higher, But Could Delta Derail It?

Global hotel performance is improving month by month. That’s good news. The more pressing concern is if it will remain – the hotel industry is still fragile

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calculator and balance sheet reflecting improtance of a detailed hotel marketing audit

How a Detailed Hotel Marketing Audit Helps Determine Budget

Before you decide on marketing expenses for 2022, take a step back and see where you sit today in the online marketplace

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How to Successfully Navigate the Choppy Waters of Budget Season

With an “expect the unexpected” mindset and right set of budget & forecasting tools, your ship, er, hotel will confidently chart a course for calmer waters

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