Historical Data Carries Less Weight in Setting Future Budgets

Even in the best of conditions, setting up next year budgets include some amount of guesswork, relying on historical data and trying to predict the future

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How To Budget Plan Amidst Uncertainty

With historical forecasts irrelevant, it can be useful to do “budget sprints” or shorter budgeting windows better suited to respond to dynamic situations

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You Must Have A Plan To “Look After The Money.”

Now I know the truth and it is this: The money never looks after itself. You, me and everyone else must have a plan and a system to “look after the money”

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How Do You Leverage Your Hotel Rooms Market Segmentation

The analysis of market segmentation is the backbone and the business intelligence that fuels our revenue management strategies

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Marketing Budgeting for 2022

Because digital marketing changes so quickly, it is important to make sure your online presence is keeping up with it as budget season arrives

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How To Maximise Marketing Budget Return For Your Luxury Hotel

A roadmap is essential to ensure your hotel marketing budget isn’t wasted and the correct channels are used to satisfy your marketing plan’s goals

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A New Age of Hotel Management: Digital Collaboration Powered by Data

Strategic roles like finance, revenue management, marketing, and others require more data driven decision making than hands-on experience at the property

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Hotel Budgeting 2022: Which Drivers Should You Consider Changing

To have better, more accurate budgeting numbers for the year ahead, hoteliers need to re-evaluate their drivers and establish a new baseline data set

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Guest Acquisition Cost: Everything Hoteliers Should Know

If you’re not thinking in terms of guest acquisition cost to get customers through your door then you’re missing a critical metric in charting your success

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Atomize Raises 3.4 Million Euros in a Pre-IPO Funding Round

Atomize plans to use its financing to continue developing its products and invest in distributing its platform to larger hotel chains and related segments

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